How the worrying case of Maddison Crabb raises significant concerns for 'cheap' priced tooth whitening treatments, often seen online

A tooth whitening cowboy.

On our website, we have stressed how apparently bargain priced tooth whitening treatments could leave you out of pocket. Not least the damage they could do to your teeth.
One of the reasons it costs a bit more to be treated by a proper Dentist, is safety and actually getting the best results for you as everyone is different!

Quoting from the first page of our website:

“It is very important to go to a properly qualified Dental Professionals for Teeth Whitening who can examine your mouth before and after Teeth Whitening treatments after taking a full Medical History...”

We also said how cowboy practices could endanger your health by spreading disease (i.e.: Hepatitis B, Herpes, TB) from unsterilised equipment. This week, we have learned about the case of Maddison Crabb.

After undergoing training with and purchasing Naturawhite dental products, the 25-year-old beautician performed tooth whitening treatments in her patients’ homes. Last September, a customer who paid £129 for three tooth whitening treatments in her home. Afterwards, she was left with bleeding and scabby gums.

Jenny Stewart, prosecuting for the General Dental Council stated in The Chronicle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s evening newspaper: “The presence of dogs and the fact the treatment was done in a living room are quite concerning.

“Any form of dentistry should be carried out in a clinical environment.”

As advised by Naturawhite, she pleaded “guilty” and fined £1,000. Ms. Crabb was also ordered to pay £1,628.70 in court codes and a £50 victim surcharge.

After the trial, Crabb said: “It’s embarrassing, it’s my reputation that’s affected. I have worked hard and spent money to build up my business and now I’ve lost a huge part of my income and have this fine to pay.”

If you’re looking for tooth whitening treatments, it is definitely a case of Buyer Beware. We offer safe and effective whitening treatments here!

Smile Specialist Centre, 02 October 2017.