How the Internet, selfies and celebrities are now utilising modern cosmetic dentistry publicly

Whitening before and after. Image by Carlos Amarillo (via Shutterstock).

Today, we have become more conscious of our smiles. With selfies and social networking part of our scene, our imperfections have been subject to greater scrutiny. Photographs, in digital and film forms have been taken more than ever with one consequence being body shaming. Cosmetic dentistry is benefiting with more people wishing to perfect their smiles.

This has meant greater demand for teeth whitening and straightening treatments. Also dental implants and invisible braces. This trend hasn’t passed us by at the Smile Specialist Centre in Haworth. According to the Irish Examiner, this has attracted the attention of orthodontists, who have seen a rise in adult referrals. After seeing how their child’s smile has improved, parents have referred themselves to orthodontic practices.

This was observed by Dr. Robin Foyle, a Wexford-based dentist and the president-elect of the Irish Dental Association: “Parents whose children are coming in for treatment will send the kids out and come back to you and say ‘we need to do something about my teeth’.”

If there was one quote which epitomised the rising popularity of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Barry Buckley of Dental Options in Clane said: “If you were to ask 100 women aged 18-35 if they’d like their teeth a little whiter, 90% would say yes.”

Improved mental health is another fringe benefit. This was expressed by Dr. Owen Crotty of Crotty Orthodontics in the same article. He stated that patients have left the surgery with greater confidence, and smiling more as a result.

This is also true of the patients that visit our practice in Bronte country. Not only from Wetherby and Wigan, also from Wokingham and Witney. Selfies or celebrities aside, their overriding concern is an improved smile. Whatever column inches they get, it is nothing on the long lasting joy of improved teeth.

Smile Specialist Centre, 20th September 2017.