Ceramic Dental Bridges still available to all through 2022

Dr.Kilcoyne is a Specialist in all Dental Bridges, simple & complex. Strong Ceramic Bridges are the new, advanced and most natural metal-free cosmetic fixed-in Bridges, to replace missing teeth. Bridges often vary in materials from solid Ceramics or reinforced with Ceramics underneath using Ceramic copings like under separate Ceramic Crowns, but the Ceramic reinforcer is made of one piece across the whole Ceramic Bridge. Where the bite or occlusion is satisfactory or can be adapted, then Ceramic Bridges can give the best cosmetic Dental result to a Smile, compared to metal containing Bridges, which do of course vary greatly in the amount of metal they may contain.
Ceramic Bridges come in different designs, materials and configurations, but Dr.Kilcoyne is a Registered Specialist in this kind of complex work, so whether you want a Procera, Lava, Zirconia or Cercon type Ceramic Bridge with various pontic designs, we will help you decide which options, designs and materials are best for your needs.

Ceramic Bridge before and After fitting


Metal-free Ceramic, re-inforced Ceramic Bridges Tooth-coloured bridges used to only be made of porcelain and metal. But with the new technology available today, they can be made entirely of porcelain and stronger ceramics. To have enough strength to withstand biting forces, porcelain bridges used to always be built upon a metal core. The dark metal inside the porcelain/metal bridge could cause a dark blue line to show at the edge of the bridge. More advanced metal reinforced bridges rarely have that problem now, but the metalwork still needs skillful technical skills and masking to be hidden well. New breakthroughs in adhesives and stronger porcelain materials now make it possible to make bridges entirely out of porcelain with
reinforced Ceramic sub-structures, which then can be bonded to the teeth.

Demi Moore Loses front Tooth and will need Ceramic Bridge

The above pictures were released on Twitter by Demi Moore and (her then) Husband Kurt from their Dentist, Demi and Kurt are regular Twitterers.

Demi and Kurt send many Twitter messages and Pictures

All porcelain and ceramic bridges maintain a translucency that makes them harder to tell from natural teeth, because essentially they are Tooth Coloured materials through and through. Without metal or any problem of a dark blue line at the edge of the gums is eliminated. This allows your dentist to sometimes place the edge of the bridge above the gumline where needed, which is healthier for your tooth and gums. When you want to improve your smile, all-porcelain ceramic bridges are a beautiful and natural-looking choice! Whilst some heavy bites may still require metal reinforced bridges, some of the Ceramic alternatives now make these metal-free bridges an option that patients with high cosmetic needs may wish to try, even those with moderately heavy bites, that may have been previously excluded.

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