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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in Haworth, Keighley & nearby to Halifax, Skipton, Bradford & Leeds

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry options in 2024 are available to ALL, right now from our totally Private Dental Practice, by experienced Specialist Dr. Tony Kilcoyne himself.

An advanced Cosmetic Dentistry consultation directly with Specialist Dr.Kilcoyne is now only £99, so why not access his decades of high expertise soon?  
Find out what is possible for you, that no amount of internet searching can tell you accurately & bespokely.
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Please read more about advanced Cosmetic Dentistry options below, after this Covid-19 safety and update notice....

CORONA VIRUS & FLU UPDATES 2024 - Please don't be put off by our extra PPE, hand hygiene and mask-wearing preventive precautions - we ask you to comply with our safety systems to keep everyone else safe too, as there are still outbreaks of flu and the '100 day cough' and we take such things seriously, even when we're busy.
If we can't answer your call straight away, please do leave your details on our answer machine when calling 01535644005 , or use our appointment request form in the tabs top of page. 

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry treatments are what we do 'normally' every day, day in day out regularly, in picturesque Haworth, near to Keighley and Bradford, west of Leeds.
We can provide the latest Cosmetic Bonding & Teeth Whitening options to more complex cosmetic Smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation using Dental teeth Implants, Cosmetic Tooth Veneers, Lumineers, Ceramic Crowns, Dental Bridges, Specialist Veneers, Precision Dentures, Cosmetic Bonding, Ceramic Restorations, Tooth Cleaning and Gum treatments, Smile Profiling, Tooth Straightening and Braces, rebuilding Tooth wear and worn, uneven teeth, Periodontal Plastic Surgery,Root canal treatment, cosmetic white fillings and other options all available from our Registered Specialist* Dr.Kilcoyne, whose reliable track record extends for over 30 years for Specialist and Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry treatments in and around Leeds!

Dr.Kilcoyne was also appointed to look after the Olympic Athletes London 2012 as part of the Medical team based in the Olympic Village, to provide his expertise and care!!

You too could access Dr.Kilcoyne's Expertise just like some of the top highly-valued Athletes with high quality needs...... so why not get your mouth and Smile to Gold medal standards with us?

Dr Kilcoyne in the Olympic Village Dental Clinic London 2012

A Cosmetic Smile Assessment with Dr.Kilcoyne himself only costs £199 NOW just £99, and you'll know ALL that is possible to make the best of your smile. Please don't confuse this with some other people's brief look for 10mins, this is a proper full Professional consultation!

Anxious or very Nervous Patients may have saved up their Dental problems and feel very self-conscious about the poor cosmetic appearance of their smiles, but you'll be made to feel most welcome at our SmileSpecialist® Centre. We have helped literally 1000's of people be proud of their New, natural looking and Cosmetically enhanced Smiles. Whether travelling to get their teeth whitened from cosmetic dentists Leeds, London, Manchester, York, Harrogate, Blackburn, Skipton, Halifax, Bradford, Sheffield, Hull, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Birmingham or further afield as many already do, we can help you directly!


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Remember, Smile Makeovers on TV programmes like 10 years Younger or Extreme Makeover can involve more complex planning such as occlusion or changing the bite, which their slick editing may have skipped over in some cases! There will also be replacement costs in the future too, so the more tooth that is preserved and the more expertly the work is done, the longer it will last and the more likely that it can be re-done without losing teeth too, so the Expertise of the person planning and delivering such detailed work, can be critically important longer-term!

Dr.Kilcoyne is a fully trained & qualified UK Dental Specialist* (London, Leeds, Sheffield) in all the Cosmetic aspects of Crowns, Veneers, Lumineers, Bridges, Implants, mini Implants, Bonding, rebuilding, replacing and reshaping teeth (Prosthodontics) to Improve Your Smile, Bite and Comfort too. Whether from nearby Leeds, or even London Harley Street, you can directly access our Specialist Dental Expertise, Qualifications and Reputation by coming to the SmileSpecialist® Centre, Haworth (between Leeds and Manchester), West Yorkshire, for Value and Experience in such complex or demanding high-tech. and Cosmetic Dentistry for you.


Smiles withstand Time better than other Body features

Is UK Cosmetic Dentistry being over-influenced by USA Hollywood Smiles of celebrities we see on TV and magazines these days?

Well perhaps, but one cannot deny that now in the UK, a Healthy mouth (no bad breath) and a Nice looking Smile, are increasingly important!

Here are some examples of well-known people who have Cosmetically enhanced their smiles, from some simpler Whitening+Bonding+Recontouring to extensive Crowns and Veneers for a complete Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Makeover:

Cheryl Cole has enhanced her Smile

Interestingly, it isn't just Women who are Smile conscious cosmetically these days, here are some male examples below where clearly the Smile is a very important aspect of how we appear to others Socially, as well as how we feel about ourselves from a self-confidence point of view.


George Clooney has changed his Smile Cosmetically David Bowie has changed his Smile Cosmetically

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Smiles - natural looking and nice is the UK style!

The main aims of Cosmetic Dentistry should be to give you an improved beautiful, natural looking smile WHILST respecting the fact that ALL Dental Work will need replacing again at some point, often some 10-15 years later! Dr.Kilcoyne examines every aspect of your smile, teeth, gums, lips, facial proportions then balances your current wishes and any consequences/benefits to your Dental health longer-term. Plus, he will provide tips on dental caring for the future.

For some people, "natural" means teeth being ultra-white and ultra-straight Hollywood style, whilst for the majority of UK people we have moved from matching the existing darker colour of our teeth to wanting a Smile that is lighter with straighter teeth BUT still natural looking and not too white, with some mild irregularities being desirable, so they look less false.

So when we do a Smile Analysis for you at our SmileSpecialist® Centre, we do this with you jointly to assess the overall colour, shape, and position of your teeth and discuss where improvements could be made - we can then give you our Expert* opinion as to which options best suit your needs and wishes, in terms of likely outcome, naturalness for your facial features, costs, number of visits etc. Please remember that Cosmetic Dentistry is as much an Art, as it is modern Science, with one's Experience and Expertise an important factor for success!

As a cosmetic dentist near Leeds, Dr.Kilcoyne has studied the latest ideas and techniques from the UK, Europe and the USA, taking the best ideas and materials and bringing them together to give his patients the kind of improvement they need or want, in the most predictable way. From Implants to Full Mouth Smile Reconstructions to simpler Tooth Whitening, we have the options and expertise to deliver what BEST meets your needs and budget. Please read below just some of the things we consider:

Beautiful Natural Smiles have several Cosmetic features in common:

1. Relatively straighter teeth (but not totally straight!)    
2. Teeth differ slightly between left and right sides
3. Natural teeth contain several, subtle blended shades
4. The top teeth show when you smile, but not too much gum is seen
5. Slight buccal space/shadow is seen between smiling cheeks and teeth
6. The incisal edges of the top teeth follow the curve of the lower lip line
7. The canines are slightly darker than the other front teeth
8. Fillings cannot be seen socially
9. The Golden Proportion is prominent
10. The individual teeth are not one colour, but a blend of shades from root to tip

Many of these features can be seen in this picture of a beautiful smile

For a Second or Specialist opinion, please click on MAKE an APPOINTMENT page,

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There are lots of Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to achieve many cosmetic smile corrections, so even if you weren't born with beautiful teeth, you can still have a smile that makes the best of your particular features. We usually aim to make any improvements appear realistic. Thus, giving an 85-year-old patient the straight, white teeth of a 15-year-old will rarely look natural. Natural teeth are NOT totally white and straight, but Denture teeth are often done that way!

Perhaps a 30-year improvement could be made to look realistic, with careful planning and treatment. RARELY will perfectly straight, white teeth that are exactly symmetrical, look natural, so some mild characterisation is advisable, even for Denture teeth, if you wish to disguise falseness yet look nice!

Where single teeth or misaligned, crooked teeth need to blend in with the existing colour of teeth, then sometimes we have to use some "special" techniques that help our Dental work disappear, so that it looks natural within that smile. Every case is different and unique.

Below is an example of a Case that Dr.Kilcoyne was asked to sort out the Gap (patient really hated the Denture she had there) and the Dark front tooth too. Not only were things improved Cosmetically, but the patient got a neat fixed-tooth solution which meant she could throw away that horrible part-denture too.

Just 2 Weeks Later --->

Most Specialists who work with the more "challenging" Cosmetic and functional bite cases say that the single tooth "correction" is often the most difficult to get an excellent cosmetic result with. See an example of how we handled such a challenging case, below:

Dr.Kilcoyne Veneer Treatment to correct Displaced Canine Tooth

The above photos show a crowded out Canine tooth, digging into patient's lip and this adult didn't want Braces. Dr.Kilcoyne, therefore, did a very careful 'special' Ceramic Veneer 3D preparation with Dentine bonding, to preserve Tooth Vitality and not damage the tooth nerve!
The patient was delighted and as can be seen from the second 'after' photo, the patient's upper right (left on photo) looks better than the other canine.

An alternate cosmetic dentistry plan of action to bleach the natural teeth. Be aware that doing this will not brighten any artificial dental implants. To brighten your veneers or crowns, they will require replacing - this is another service we can provide to continuously improve your smile.

Hollywood White

Teeth whitening and bleaching is much more popular with the citizens of the United States along with the use of braces. The popularity of braces in the USA has dramatically increased and is continuing to do so. This is mainly for cosmetic purposes for an even wall of teeth and bright white smiles. This though breaks the rules for "naturally" beautiful smiles, following instead the "Hollywood" rules for extreme fashion demands. This "Hollywood" influence is becoming more prominent now in the UK too, via film, fashion magazines, Celebrities etc.

Indeed, many American Film Stars have their teeth bleached very regularly or even Veneered, or if teeth are weaker/worn, then Cosmetic Crowns too!

Whiter teeth are becoming more in demand in the UK too, especially after Smile makeover programmes filmed in London costing £50,000 plus per case, but we can often provide just as impressive work as the most fashionable London Dental Clinics and Spas, at a Specialist standard and for a lot less cost too in most cases.
So you need to decide are we worth the trip from say London to our SmileSpecialist® Centre here in Yorkshire?
Literally, hundreds upon hundreds think we are, of course having a 35+ year track record and being Specialist trained helps too!

We find most people in the UK want lighter and Natural looks, but some still want "ultra" Hollywood white - We can do either as requested!From Quite Light to Ultra-White in 1 hour with Dr.Kilcoyne

The above result shows teeth whitening from shade D3 to shade B1 - a great result that possibly avoids the need for Crowns or Veneers!

It is all a matter of personal taste, but anyone who has perfectly straight, ultra white teeth, hasn't usually acquired them naturally. In the USA though, this falseness is perfectly acceptable and one only has to look in the glossy magazines to see that cultural Cosmetic Dentistry change creeping over to the UK too.

However, one can still achieve excellent Cosmetic improvements in shade, shape, arrangement etc. that looks both beautiful AND natural, without overdoing it! It all really depends on personal taste, modern techniques and your existing Dental condition as to the final smile profile that can be achieved for you.

Even where Crowns and part-Dentures are needed, there are many alternatives that can be made to look whiter yet "natural".
See the pictures below where we have all Ceramic Crowns, tooth coloured clasps and even matched gum work on the Denture so that it blends in naturally.

Ceramic Crowns + Denture and Clasps by Dr.Kilcoyne

The picture of the work on the fitting model above is shown so that you can tell what we have done in the mouth, which I'm sure you agree is difficult to know they are all Crowns with a Denture and Clasps there, even with the lips pulled aside for the photo!

Dr.Kilcoyne says, "That's why I love my job, it is both highly skilled and highly artistic and whatever your particular needs and budget, we have the experience, knowledge and skills to help you achieve a naturally, beautiful smile you can be proud of!

I can honestly say I have NEVER made or fixed any teeth in an identical way in 35+ years, they ALL continue to be hand-crafted and Unique for every single patient. my work is as individual and special as you are."

Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. We have Specialist expertise in these areas but despite the PLENTIFUL information on this website, as an Individual you still need a personal consultation, because everyone IS different and unique (thank goodness), you are not some mass-produced robot or disposable DVD made on a conveyor belt, thus our personalised Expertise is invaluable to advise you further which options WILL and WON'T suit your own longer-term needs best.

We are a 100% Private Dental Practice only and we accept patients by Dentist, DCP or self-referral too.

Please note - pre-Covid there are issues with the NHS Dentistry system in England which make many Political promises almost impossible for most dental teams to actually deliver - you can read more about the Concerns raised publicly here, which have worsened further during Covid too:

The Big Lie

The Big Lie about NHS Dentistry in England revealed - click image


HOWEVER, here at the SmileSpecialist Centre because we are 100% Private and you totally fund your time and our expertise, you can be assured that there are no System compromises or restrictions imposed externally upon your dental care!

Tempted by Cheaper Cosmetic Dentistry/Surgery prices abroad like Hungary, India, Poland, Africa, Romania etc?

Let's be honest here, there is usually only one reason why normally sensible people consider going abroad for Surgery/Dentistry, it's to save money, full stop! It's not to struggle with communication/understanding a foreign language/culture OR the fun of flying abroad every time there is an adjustment, complication/problems OR the lower regulation, consumer protection, worse insurance and lack of continuity of care offered by a complete Stranger in another country/continent, is it?

Who though doesn't like a bargain, especially on holiday when food, drink, clothes, DVDs or even property seems SO much cheaper - BUT we are talking about commodities there, NOT an Invasive Surgical Service which if done to sub-UK standards could mean irreversible complications, damage or accelerated tooth-loss for life. Teeth and Health are not as disposable as the consequences of buying a cheap imitation Watch which looks the same but falls apart after a year. You can throw that away and just lose money, but losing teeth or coming back to the UK damaged, perhaps with massive amounts of tooth drilled away and new complications could haunt you for life and they may simply say that particular 'Dentist' has moved on so tough - how are you going to pursue your complaint or argue your case in a foreign language?

So please be VERY VERY CAREFUL indeed - there are many possible hidden dangers !!!
Complex Dentistry is like Keyhole Surgery - you don't want the wrong shortcuts.

Look at the picture below shown in a recent 'Dentistry Abroad' advert (2008)
feature for supposedly cheaper and better dental care than in the UK.
Notice anything unacceptable?

Misleading Unhygienic Advert abroad
Thank Goodness there was a picture to tell us all the REAL truth compared to the text under the picture that could mislead the unwary so easily!!!

Certainly treating patients in the mouth without gloves on would not be regarded as safe or normal practice in the UK today, let alone better!

With HIV and the increased rates now of Hepatitis A, B, C, F & G, plus
the further East you go the more resistant infections are to any
treatment back here in the UK
(eg: TB, Bird Flu, Eye Conjunctivitis ) sadly.
One cannot help wondering what else may be compromised that one cannot easily notice,
if that picture is regarded as OK or even High-Quality in such countries!

See Official UK GDC Advice and warnings by clicking here!

In general, in Poorer Countries the Standards and Training are rarely
the same as UK, USA, Australia etc, no matter how wild the promises or how "flash" the adverts or the equipment looks!

It's cheaper for a reason and many of these Countries actually needed medical and dental aid, including education, until only relatively recently!

So YES, we may not be the cheapest OR the most expensive actually, but if you can find the same Quality, Qualifications, Experience and long Track-record for less, please do let us know - thousands believe we are Good Value for the level of Specialist Expertise one is getting.

Dr.Kilcoyne has Specialist Expertise, long track record & Prize Winning Practice too!

Dr.Kilcoyne is a fully registered Specialist in Prosthodontics which includes Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Dentures, Bonding etc, to Restore or Replace teeth functionally and cosmetically so you can have a Smile that you can be proud of, without compromise.

Doing the wrong thing in the wrong way is very POOR Value for money longer-term, even if it was cheaper in the first instance because your teeth ideally need to last for life and are NOT disposable like some cheap DVD copy bought on holiday abroad - your Health is far more valuable and non-disposable than that !!!

We hope whether you seek you cosmetic dental treatment from SmileSpecialist® or elsewhere, that the wide range of information provided on our Website will help you in discussions with your own Dentist, so you can fully consider which options best meet your needs, budget and long-term wishes for your Dental Health.

Only your Dentist or Specialist can give you individual advice after examining you.

Dr.Kilcoyne is a fully registered UK Specialist in Prosthodontics, which includes Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Dentures, Bonding etc, to Restore or Replace teeth functionally and cosmetically so you can have a Smile that you can be proud of, without compromise. Yes all this expertise, experience and excellent track-record have a valued price, but we still believe it is Good Value for the level of Specialist Quality one is getting and can be confident in.

Make this THE year for a better Smile, start with Haworth on the map below as the RED ' O ' TODAY ! 

Smile Specialist Centre Haworth between Leeds and Manchester


For an improved Smile, FIND our SmileSpecialist® Centre Dental Practice in Haworth, near Bradford, Blackburn, Leeds and Manchester:


Use our postcode BD22 8NL for your destination, or head towards Bradford M606 turn-off, from the M62 motorway side, which as you get nearer to Bradford you'll see signs for Keighley and Haworth, with Haworth being a tourist area for the Brontes and the Steam Railway that still runs.

 Get to Leeds central Train Station, then the Skipton Train but get off at Keighley Station - from there it's a short taxi-ride to Haworth (10mins at £6 only), Central Taxis ( 01535 602 121 ) are based at Keighley Train Station.



Get to Bradford or Leeds Bus Station take the Bus to Keighley bus station, then from there the bus to Haworth.
Nearest Airport is LEEDS / BRADFORD (40 mins drive away), then MANCHESTER Airport (1hr20mins drive away) then follow Bus/Car/Train directions above.

 Our SmileSpecialist® Centre Dental Practice is on Station Road, opposite the Steam Railway Station at the bottom of the village hill.


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Before and After example of Dr.Kilcoyne's Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Expertise


*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. Please go to our MAKE an APPOINTMENT page to access his Expertise.

The PLANNING of Treatment Options is just as important as the Quality of Treatment - Dr.Kilcoyne can help you get both right, optimally first time!

 Wishing you good Dental Health AND a Smile to be proud of, from all at the SmileSpecialist® Team.

As always, Prevention is cheaper and better than Cure - that includes Preventing making bad choices based on costs alone !