Reorganisation sees Denplan part of Simplyhealth Professionals banner alongside Denplan Pet Health Plans.... but recently they've readopted the Denplan logo back to prominence again in 2019

A green apple, the basis of Denplan’s iconic logo. Image by Olga Vladimirovna (via Shutterstock).

The green apple of Denplan is no more. Long live the green apple. This week, it was announced by Simplyhealth that its dental payment plan, Denplan, will be integrated within the Simplyhealth Professionals banner. Since its acquisition by Simplyhealth in 2011, it has traded as a going concern.

It will be integrated within Simplyhealth itself though Denplan will remain a brand name. Their pet health plan is also being integrated within the Simplyhealth empire. Therefore, for its customers, its products will be referred to as Denplan Essentials by Simplyhealth or Denplan Care by Simplyhealth.

Denplan was formed in 1986 by two dentists who noticed a need for affordable payment plans. They foresaw the expansion in cosmetic dentistry and private clinics. Simplyhealth was formed in 2008 and has its roots in numerous health payment plans. These include the Manchester and Salford Hospital Saturday Fund, the Hospital Savings Association (HSA), and the Bristol Contributory Welfare Association.

The company employs 300 staff at its Winchester offices. Its pet health plans cover 600,000 animals with more than 1,800 member vets across the UK. Denplan alone covers 1.7 million patients.

Simplyhealth in the last five years has become a recognisable brand in its own right. Their reorganisation will bolster the brand’s effectiveness whilst being “business as usual” for its customers.

Smile Specialist Centre, 22 February 2017. updated 23rd September 2017