Dental Plans for 2024 onwards

Dental Plans can contribute to Dentistry costs management, whether paying higher NHS fees or Private fees to get the Dentist and the choices you want, without restriction.
Dental Loan Scheme plans can help too. However in these Covid-19 times, the benefits have reduced and the exclusions of claims increased, so do beware of plans that seem to offer everything but also seem cheap - there is probably a catch that won't pay out as much (or at all) when you come to use it!

Note - We are seeing ptients normally for advanced & routine dentistry.

However PLEASE recognise dental access especially via NHS routes has worsened further still than even earlier reports; please read more here:

 NHS Dental crisis in England by bad systems continue in 2022 & beyond 2023!

More about individual Practice loyalty plans later - Are you just looking for neutral Dental Plans that contribute to your Dental Costs anywhere you go?

There are many dental plans one can join where you pay a fixed monthly fee, that then contribute some money towards treatment needed, BUT most of these plans require you to be a regular patient already and DON'T cover pre-existing dental problems, so not much good unless much is already sorted out. These are different to your own Practice's loyalty regular monthly plan.

HOWEVER, there are a few plans out there now that will cover pre-existing conditions, but will allow you to join but not make a claim for an initial period of say 3 months. There are always numerous plans out there, so search on the internet and always read the small print - 2 recent examples are Simply Health around £29 a month or Westfield Scheme ( that has a lower cover but includes some free children cover too - both accept pre-existing conditions and problems for claims. These may suit those who haven't seen a Dentist in a while and know they will need much treatment, such as gum treatments and cleaning, x-rays, fillings, root fillings, crowns etc.
NOTE- These Plans change details and coverage to ALWAYS CHECK before joining - especially for exclusions and limits etc. Thankyou.

In short, always get a copy of the plan to read (just phone and ask) and particularly look at benefits for your monthly contributions made, as you may want to contribute more per month in the first year. Usual disclaimers apply from this website, as these are third-party plans you join directly, details can change before joining so you are responsible for getting professional advice and checking before joining or claiming for anything - a good start is to phone the company number on the leaflet and ask if what you need/want is covered !

Once in a Dental Plan, you follow it's rules and it's claiming procedure, which usually involves seeing your own dentist, getting treatment needed which can be private, paying the dentist directly, dentist completes brief claim form detailing treatment and costs, you send this back to the plan with receipt showing payment, then they send you cheque for the part you contributions cover. Most dental plans though do exclude purely cosmetic dental treatments and have limits on claims per year, but you can see ANY Dentist you like, even Privately.

There are then plans that Dental Practices use themselves, which show LOYALTY to your Practice - many are usually maintenance plans and can cover 100% of the routine visits for Examination, cleaning/scaling and x-rays and suit people who are already relatively fixed dentally, but who want regular visits with a loyal dentist of their choice, for continuing care and prevention to STAY healthy.

These usually work out cheaper than paying for separate visits and give a discount of say 15-20% if any other treatments are needed in the future, once you've been a member a year. The procedure involves completing some initial forms, but then as 100% of costs of routine visits are covered, then there are usually no need to pay anything or fill out forms at routine visits - it's a bit like a club membership scheme with your Practice.
Many Private Practices run these as an affordable way for people to access regular examinations, advice, cleanings and prevention for about 26 pounds a month (say 80p a day), with the dentist of their choice, maintaining a long-term relationship with someone who knows their mouths and their little quirks (we all have them!) and whose advice we trust.

But what if you need thousands of pounds worth of Crowns, Bridges oreven Implants - one can take out cheaper personal loans from your bank (dental loans are now a top ten reason to give loans to customers!) or pay-off things on a credit card with an introductory 0% or low interest rate - some Practices also offer 0% payment plans for higher cost treatments or spread out the costs to reduce the impact on your cash-flow.

Realistically though there is no such thing as free, you pay somewhere and it's probably through slightly higher prices, but if that allows you to get the treatment you want and need, that's the reality of the transaction in many cases.

The above is just a broad outline of possibilities - always do your own investigation into options, terms, conditions and costs as these vary continually and especially through Covid-19 changes too.

Nevertheless we hope you find the information helpful when you further investigate possibilities, independently, that are best for you. Thank you.

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