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Dr. Kilcoyne's* FastBraces® are dental tooth brace treatments that can often give you straight teeth in just 3 to 9 months, for both adults and children !! 
Completion often in months rather than years, is a reality here, utilising our experience and advanced technology combined!!

With our Fastbraces because they are a rectangular wire in rectangular slots applying 3D corrections optimally from day 1, even if you have to extend appointment times because you become ill mid-treatment (for any reason), they will continue to work to improve root and crown positions (all be it, a bit slower) even if you have to miss a few review visits, so no Covid worries in that respect, which has been very useful for some over recent times !!

Would you like to know more about Dr.Kilcoyne's fast braces options, that he personally supervises & fine-tunes at every visit? 
His Orthodontic tooth brace options very rarely require the extraction of healthy teeth and are also very comfortable & gentle** too?
Why not ask for our FastBraces detailed assessment with Dr.Kilcoyne himself, currently only £99, to know your suitability?
Whether from Haworth, Keighley or nearby Bradford, Leeds, Halifax & Skipton, Yorkshire, we can help you or your loved ones get straighter teeth in just months.

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Utilising a new technology from the USA called FastBraces® this is now available from Dr. Kilcoyne*, when coupled with his 35+ years expertise, means he ALMOST NEVER requires extractions of healthy teeth to straighten your other teeth, which he has repeatedly achieved most often in just months** !

This graphic picture shows how some Roots can be quickly paralleled from day 1:

Yorkshire Fast Braces Leeds Bradford by Dr. Kilcoyne

Our FastBraces® can straighten roots and crowns in 3D together from day 1 of dental brace treatments, using their unique and patented Orthodontic brace design and approach with its snug rectangular wire and unique triangular brackets, to start torquing in all 3 dimensions and correcting root positions from day 1; this is very unlike the typical textbook traditional brace alternatives, because they initially just use looser round shaped wires, or removable appliances/aligners that mainly tip teeth and can wave tooth-root apices around, sometimes in the opposite direction to that finally desired!

Dr.Kilcoyne has a Special Interest in using the patented 
FastBraces® technology from the USA; he has undergone their standard and advanced training programs in the USA, to benefit patients here in the UK too, by offering this exciting choice to all. Doesn't everyone deserve to know this is now a possible new choice for them???

Dr.Kilcoyne's FastBraces treatments are normally completed in less than 12 months and sometimes in just weeks**, significantly reducing the Orthodontic risks & side effects (root resorption, dead nerves, decay, gum recession, hyalinisation etc.) traditional tooth brace treatments that take longer than a year, are well known for!

Now 0% interest fee payments available over 10 months*
*terms and conditions apply, but most people get approval for dental use.
Thus a payment of say £3950 to improve your smile = £395/month to pay....

By completing treatment in months instead of years, this is also the preferred choice of most patients AND by controlling root torque with FastBraces® unique bracket/wire design day 1, we can apply rectangular wire in the rectangular slot for 3D corrections immediately. This 3D effect can probably be best visualised as similar to having TWO steering wheels on tooth crowns at 90 degrees to each other, from the very first day they're fitted!!

Click here to see FastBraces® Video demonstration of 3D from day 1 effects upon correcting roots 3D quickly, not just tipping the Crowns.

Traditional textbook fixed Braces that start with round wires, tend to tip and can often take years; traditionally they most commonly start with looser round wires inside the brackets' rectangular slots, then gradually increase the thickness of round wires over numerous visits and only swap to the more snug 3D rectangular wires much later on in treatment, perhaps only by year 2, when in Dr.Kilcoyne's experience many of his FastBraces® cases would have already finished it's 3D corrections using it's unique patented design, producing straight teeth to patients' high satisfaction**, within a year and sometimes just a few months!

Invisalign® or other removable aligners or so-called STO (short-term orthodontics) systems are still braces but based upon mechanics that tip teeth mainly. Now there's nothing wrong with tipping crowns if that's the main problem, but often for at least some teeth, it's the root and it's wrong position that needs correcting the most in all 3 dimensions, especially bucco-lingually (cheek to palate), so the whole tooth ideally needs moving bodily with 3D torque, minimising the waving around of apices and the thinning of cervical bone (hyalinisation) effects etc.

So always ask these three key questions when considering braces:

1. How do your braces produce 3D torque to help correct the roots and crowns 3D from day 1?

2. How do your braces overcome the significant bone hyalinisation problems?

3. How fast do you normally provide straight teeth for most of your patients?

Mainly using tipping forces can be over-done and cause or risk other problems, so Aligners and round-wire systems are often more limited in the type and range of cases they can treat, inevitably.

Most Clinicians agree the best 'aims' of treatment is to correct the position of the roots, so that they are relatively parallel to each other and thus more stable after treatment - this is usually best achieved with fixed brackets glued to the Crown of the tooth; it having a rectangular slot across it and a rectangular arch wire running through this slot, so it can apply 3D forces including torque/twisting/uprighting control of Roots. Think of it like TWO steering wheels attached to each crown at 90 degrees to each other, twisting (torque) the root from front to back AND left to right, very controllably.

Dr. Kilcoyne's FastBraces® cases are reported by patients as being very gentle, they are full proper Orthodontic braces that move the roots 3D from day 1, with a clever low friction design and minimal side-effects and risks, which the general scientific literature acknowledges are significantly lower when brace treatments are completed in less than a year.

These Orthodontic side-effects risks do increase significantly when treatment times exceed 12 months and it is important patients/potential patients are aware of such issues and timescales, especially with standard textbook Traditional Brace treatments typically taking 2 or even 3 years of treatment time.

All of these aspects need to be considered together when you consider both the Journey and the Optimum Result you, the patient, would like to achieve overall - you have choices and nobody should restrict such informed choices.

So if Brace treatments that rarely require the extraction of healthy teeth, are desired or better to be completed in months & not years, are low force and comfortable yet help parallel the roots 3D from day 1 for greater future stability and help correct their positions cosmetically too, might Dr.Kilcoyne's FastBraces® options be the OPTIMUM best-combined approach overall, to meet your particular needs and wishes???

You need to get a detailed clinical examination by Dr.Kilcoyne and find out for sure!

Now look at this factual clinical picture below, similar to the FastBraces® graphics above, to appreciate there is a Crowns and a Roots position problem here:

Crowded uneven teeth upper and lower teeth affected


Please look below to appreciate how having an informed choice of an alternative OPTION to straightening these teeth/roots together using light forces, starting with rectangular wire day 1 to move teeth using the ideal 3D torque movement of roots with the patented FastBraces® system immediately, with NO EXTRACTIONS or the drawn-out separate typical Traditional brace stages, meaning more patients can get the great results they want in JUST MONTHS and very comfortably, than EVER before.

This really is PROGRESS of CHOICE & SCIENCE to benefit the public !!!

Dr.Kilcoyne would like to thank the patient below for allowing her own undoctored images to also be used publicly to show the possibilities and the clear benefits of our FastBraces® system and it's an improvement upon not just the smile, but often upon one's whole face and self-confidence too, in just months:

FastBraces unique system straightened these teeth in only months !!!

Have you ever found yourself embarrassed about your Smile, hiding your mouth publicly or in conversation, maybe even afraid to laugh out loud and show your uneven or unsightly smile? Well you are not the only one and many Adults think they can't have Braces, but yes you often can now !!!
Whether you choose advanced techniques or newer technologies like the FastBraces® system or not, we can help YOU find out what are ALL your options to most economically and conveniently improve your Smile - it's never too late to access Dr.Kilcoyne's decades of Expertise to benefit you or the ones you love - why not make that Cosmetic Smile Consultation and find out specifically what your Optimum options are, their costs, timescales, pros and cons, your preferences etc?

Imagine being so PROUD of your Smile, you just couldn't stop smiling in public!

Typically Dr.Kilcoyne's FastBraces® cases take about 3 to 12 months with an average in our Practice of 6-8 months**, like the case above, but it depends on the complexity, although I find about 80% of people that visit our dental practice for braces are very suitable.

For those adults (or even children who don't want to wait) who find multiple extractions of healthy teeth or 2 or even 3 years of wearing Braces unacceptable, then our FastBraces® treatments are a very popular alternative, with a very high patient satisfaction rate.

Thus, those suitable patients starting FastBraces® with us in say Feb. 2024 could be finished by September 2024, those starting in June 2024 could be finished by Christmas 2024 etc - imagine some other Traditional Brace treatments starting in June 2024 and taking 2 years or so, you could be finished in 2026 or even 2027, which in our experience simply makes some people say NO initially and opt for maybe more invasive Veneers or Crowns options, if Dr Kilcoyne's FastBraces® options completed in months, are not promoted as an informed early option upon dental websites like this, to inform the public of such possibilities for them!

Please remember that everyone is FIRST subject to a full Clinical Examination, where we'll also discuss your wishes and expectation, my extensive clinical experiences over decades AND the published scientific evidence too, before coming to the BEST evidence-based dentistry (EBD) treatment plan for you, individually, now for only £99.

Sadly most published scientific evidence whilst plentiful in Orthodontics, it is generally poor, inconsistent or even contradictory, so for the majority of informed consent processes, my Clinical Experience, Expertise and your Wishes and Expectations, tend to be the MAIN EBD factors that best determine outcomes. See the diagram below to visualise this proportionately:

Best Evidence Based Dentistry when published Orthodontic evidence generally very poor

In Germany these traditional scientific issues are now going more public since 2019:

For more info. on EBD and some emerging problems with current Orthodontic poor research and limited approaches, click here:

Now some Orthodontic cases do need referring to a Specialist, especially where it's not a routine braces or tooth crowding case, but one that has perhaps complicating aspects such as additional skeletal jaw problems, facial asymmetry, various syndromes or other complicating bite or medical complications, then a referral will be needed to a Specialist in Orthodontics for a minority of patients. This is where their three additional years of Specialist training in Hospital for Orthodontists, is best spent, upon the more complex cases, not the routine ones.

Whilst Dr.Kilcoyne* is not a Specialist in Orthodontics, he does separately have a Special Interest in the FastBraces® system and Orthodontic Braces generally.

Dr.Kilcoyne has been to the USA to obtain both standard and further advanced training in the FastBraces® system from the original inventor of the system himself, Dr.Tony Viazis. World-renowned Dr.Tony Viazis is a Specialist in Orthodontics and indeed, a former Professor of Orthodontics who used to teach many Specialists in Orthodontics in the USA and whose research and brilliance led him to develop and invent the patented FastBraces® orthodontic system, to benefit the public too.

This relatively 'new' to UK system has a credible track record over decades and is increasingly popular with patients. You can read more info/research from the USA here.......

FastBraces complex case example too

Most of Dr.Kilcoyne's FastBraces® treatments near Bradford and Leeds take between 3 to 12 months for completion, rarely require the Extraction of healthy teeth for even moderately crowded cases** and using light forces and short treatment time approaches, this also helps reduce apical resorption (tooth-shortening) risks, discomfort and even demineralisation/marking of teeth risks, which according to the literature would be significantly greater risks where traditional brace treatments typically take longer than a year and traditionally textbook cases possibly take 2-3 years or even longer to complete!

A regular question we get asked in regards to FastBraces® is "How much do they cost"?

TYPICAL COSTS - subject to full examination, Radiographic Xrays and written estimate, typical costs are £3950 (metal brackets) or £500 extra for clear brackets, with the price being fixed so even if it takes additional visits for some stubborn teeth, it won't cost you anymore once treatment goals have been agreed.
Please remember this treatment is done very caringly by Dr.Kilcoyne himself, is likely to be COMPLETED in just months and our feedback and observations of many cases show it is fast, comfortable and produces high satisfaction rates**.

HOWEVER - please visit our Special Offers page for some great deals for you or your family and friends:

Click here to view our FastBraces® prices and other Special Offers update page...

For the possibility of FastBraces® or other Cosmetic dentistry smile options to straighten teeth and improve smiles in even weeks or months, please book for a Cosmetic Smile consultation and we will give you our Expert opinion and cost options after a very detailed examination.
You will be accessing over 35 years of experience and knowledge from Dr. Kilcoyne !!!

Dr.Kilcoyne has a Special Interest in using this patented FastBraces® technology from the USA, plus has undergone their standard and advanced training programs in the USA, to benefit his patients here in the UK too. Finding out the latest developments and sharing those upon his website, is all about free choices and consent and Dr.Kilcoyne has PROVEN success, demonstrated by actual cases he has treated - it's not theoretical, it's as REAL as it gets, real patients with real results in months, not years, here at the Smile Specialist Centre, Haworth, near Bradford and Leeds, Yorkshire. UK

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Before and After example of Dr.Kilcoyne's Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Expertise

*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK Dentist and registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc.

Dr.Kilcoyne is not a Specialist in Orthodontics BUT he has a Special Interest in FastBraces and Orthodontics too & he teaches/lectures to other Dentists and dental team members too. 
Click here for Dr.Kilcoyne's brief CV and Resume.......

Dr.Kilcoyne's  35+ years of experience and expertise as a Dentist with Special Interest and a Specialist, can help you decide which particular option or options (often a combination is optimum for adult's smiles) might be best for you.

Wishing you good Dental Health AND a Smile to be proud of, from all at the SmileSpecialist® Team.


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As always, Prevention is cheaper and better than Cure - that includes Preventing making bad choices based on price alone!

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**data on file.