Tooth Grinding and Wear Treatments problems through 2024

Tooth-Wear and Night-Grinding or Clenching of teeth, especially through our stressful Covid-19 era!

Is this type of tooth wear and jaw problems now the new Dental disease of the "stressed" and busy 21st Century lifestyle?

It's certainly one problem many people don't realise they have, such as pressing or clenching teeth together whilst they are awake but concentrating on something else, like driving or reading a computer screen OR when asleep still dreaming or thinking about things, but a habit of pressing or even chewing or grinding teeth has developed.

CORONA VIRUS & SAFETY UPDATES 2024 : We thank you for your continued patience as there are still occasional outbreaks of Covid, Flu, tummy bugs and the '100 day cough', as people mix more socially and don't clean hands as well as they used to, so please wash hands often, especially before eating snacks or fast foods, pizza etc.

If you suffer from excessive tooth grinding, clenching or other habitual tooth wear, you could be causing great damage to your Teeth, jaw joints ( TMJ'S ), jaw bone and facial muscles. Just have a look for tooth wear in your lower incisor front teeth showing the yellow dentine or chipping edges as you wear your teeth away. Perhaps when you are concentrating during the day (driving, reading, computer screens) you are pressing your teeth together as a bad habit?
Many people also clench or Grind their teeth at night during sleep, without realising but still adding to their problems - teeth are tough, but eventually they will wear down prematurely, crack, fracture or eventually loosen and give way and be lost prematurely.

Do you want the tooth wear or problems of an 80-year-old,  before you are 40 or so?

Worn Teeth showing variety of problems and wear damage

Complications (see above picture) of untreated Tooth Wear over time:

1. Dentine exposed by excessive wear and grinding can be extra sensitive plus the Dentine now wears away quicker than the harder enamel

2. Sharp Enamel edges or cusps may hurt your lips or tongue or just feel sharp as bits splinter-off over time

3. upper teeth may have exposed Dentine behind the teeth, but you may only notice chipped and torn edges as the enamel thins and weakens

4. The centre of the tooth has the nerve in it, which when exposed may degenerate (goes from painful to quiet) and make an access later

Does it ever get so bad that you sometimes wake up with aching teeth, or tender muscles and joints or even headaches? Dr.Kilcoyne can help treat any existing Tooth Wear or Pain and save you bigger problems later! We can make you a special "nightguard" mouth Splint in less than 1 hour, which can often reduce or even totally cure many of the symptoms or problems caused by tooth clenching or grinding.

Worn Front teeth now chipping away too

The Cost of this same-day "nightguard" Appliance? Only £295-£395 on average from Dr.Kilcoyne, after a thorough examination.

Please remember Prevention is better than cure - you only need to be clenching, pressing or grinding your teeth together an extra hour a day (or night) to treble the wear of your enamel and cause other problems too, like sensitivity or fracture lines or gaps around fillings or muscle, joint and headaches eventually.


Read Below a useful detailed BBC article about Grinding your teeth problems, including public feedback to this article too in March 2010 - yes these are not 'new' problems either....




Prevention is better than cure - so don't ignore excessive tooth wear or a night-grinding habit. It's never too late to seek Expert Advice and Treatment! We would be pleased to give you a detailed examination - please call 01535-644005 to access our Expertise!

Don't worry, you are NOT the only person to suffer from Clenching or Night Grinding Wear from your teeth - remember the worn teeth you saw at the top of the page, well they belong to this once very stressed individual below:

You don't have to be Priministerial to suffer Stress Wear in Teeth

Please note - we generally recommend a HARD bite guard and can provide one that is small, secure and effective, costing £295-395, often made within the hour! Call 01535 644005 to access our Expertise!

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Dr.Kilcoyne with his Quality Developmemt award for Patient services

The above Quality Development Award was judged by the British Dental Journal, Denplan and Colgate, with Dr.Kilcoyne's Practice winning this prestigious award for the Quality of his patient services.

*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc.