Dental Tooth Implants expertise near to Bradford & Leeds, in Haworth, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD22 8NL.

For dental Implants in and beyond 2024, whether it's single or multiple missing teeth, we have many options & possibilities including mini implants or Minimplants® , smaller root-shaped or even the Larger standard cylinder-Shaped Tooth Implants with screws inside them.
These are just some of many different dental tooth implant options that Dentist & Specialist* Dr.Kilcoyne can best provide for your individual needs, after his detailed dental examination & consultation with you directly.

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CORONA VIRUS & FLU UPDATES 2024 - Please do not be put off by our extra PPE, hand hygiene and mask-wearing preventive precautions - we ask you to comply with our safety systems to keep you & everyone else safe also. We take hygiene very seriously indeed. If we can't answer your call straight away, please do leave your details on our answer machine when calling 01535644005 , or use our appointment request form in the tabs top of page. 

When it comes to Dental Implant work, Dr.Kilcoyne matches the best Implant system to you, NOT limiting you to just a single implant system - why not arrange a consultation with Dr.Kilcoyne directly, costing just £99!

We can also offer 'reduced-surgery' with minimally invasive Implant placement options - please read further below.....

Dr Kilcoyne was selected to look after the Olympic Athletes London 2012

Whether you are an Olympic Athlete or just need a dental Specialist opinion from London, LA, Hollywood, Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds, Bradford or even Worldwide, there are many NEW ways to functionally improve your mouth, using modern, advanced implant dentistry techniques that we use here in Haworth, Keighley (between Leeds and Manchester) West Yorkshire, which may minimise or even eliminate extensive bone grafting surgery for Dental Tooth Implants, depending upon your individual situation and wishes.

Now 0% interest fee payments available over 10 months*
*terms and conditions apply, but most people get approval for dental use.
Thus a payment of say £2900 to improve your smile = £290/month to pay....

Xray of teeth and Implants

Would you like a broken Tooth or Root Extracted and a Tooth Implant put Straight Back?

Dr.Kilcoyne does many of these, but to preserve bone and eliminate Infection, it's often better he sees and treats these so as to Maximise success with his Immediately placed Implants, which could carry a temporary tooth whilst healing too !

For more choices or details about Dental Tooth Implants, newer single-piece (smaller, solid and stronger + no screws to come loose later) Implantology, new mini implants, Minimplants® , root shaped same day dental implants, new KEYHOLE SURGERY Implant techniques that heal quicker, dental implant bone grafts, other dental implant choices, smaller implants, immediate teeth implants, tooth root implants, minimised surgery, avoiding bone grafting or major bone grafting surgery, same day teeth, alternatives to dental implants for replacement teeth such as advanced Bridges, precision Dentures, prices, costs etc, please read below:

The Dental X-ray above shows a standard-sized single tooth implant placed (implant buried, tooth-gap still there) in the lower right jaw - it will need an extra part screwed onto the top of it later., called an abutment.
This is a typical Standard sized Tooth Implant in lots of bone that is wide and deep, but not everyone has ESPECIALLY as bone starts to shrink a lot just after a tooth or root has been extracted, which is why WE like to coordinate the Extraction and Implant placement appointments, sometimes we are able to do BOTH on the same day, to avoid or reduce the need for additional bone-grafting Surgery afterwards - That's just one example of why Dr.Kilcoyne's Specialist Expertise can save you extra Surgery, Time and delay by using his Specialist Expertise and Knowledge, to benefit YOU.

This will then need restoring later with a connector (abutment), so one can join it to a crowned tooth on top.

This is a "standard" sized implant because there is lots of bone in height and width, above the nerve and other anatomy that one must avoid.

These Standard Implants are what most Dentists use, but their Larger size may mean you've been told you don't have enough natural bone AND you'll need much bone grafting first or Tooth Implants are not an option! Where possible, we can often reduce bone shrinkage that occurs after an extraction if WE do the extraction, sometimes even placing smaller or Root-shaped Implants with minimal grafting at the same visit or soon after(eg: 6 weeks) using advanced techniques.


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3D Xrays are available for Implants too. Where low bone height and volumes exist and you have been told there isn't enough bone to have any Implants, WE may be able to place smaller root-shaped Implants using keyhole surgery techniques to improve the Implant site too, after careful planning and measurements. See 3D Xray slices shown below:

Whether you are interested in same-day Implant and same-day teeth solutions or buried Implants, avoiding major bone grafting surgery etc, you WILL need a detailed Implant Assessment visit so that we can give you the choices of Implants, Surgeries, plus or minus bone grafting, that can work for you !

TYPICAL Price for Implant+Abutment+temp Crown = £2400 from us, done the same-day using Dr.Kilcoyne's KEYHOLE Surgery techniques to minimise Surgery, speed-up healing and can avoid or dramatically reduce the need for Major Bone Grafting and it's additional Surgery stages, risks and trauma.

Dr.Kilcoyne has SPECIALIST skills to provide not just Standard cylinder shaped dental implants which are often placed under the gums with a loose denture sitting on top for months during healing, but in many cases Dr.Kilcoyne can place Implants using MINIMAL Keyhole Surgery techniques (eg: Minimplants®) and place a temporary fixed tooth at the same visit, so you can experience fixed-in teeth from day one, even during the tooth Implant healing period of 3-6 months, if you're suitable for this.

Shows Implant and a crown replacing Missing tooth

We can even Extract teeth and replace with Implants at the same visit (after initial assessment and planning) for some patients!

Dr.Kilcoyne can also place Tooth Implants where you may have been told you do not have enough bone, by utilising some of the newest Implant Surgery techniques and latest materials available. Dr.Kilcoyne has been able to do this for 70% of patients he's seen, who've previously been told they don't have enough bone for Dental Implants, without major bone-grafting Surgery first !

The Case below was someone who was told 3mm bone width not enough for an Implant, however, Dr.Kilcoyne used Special Keyhole Surgery technique, delivering a Same-Day Tooth.

This patient avoided the delay and the swelling/pain/risks of major bone grafting too!

Pre-op Radiographic Pilot Prep Implant + temp.tooth


Healed Implant - temp tooth removed, note good gum shape. Final Crown, no gaps against gums!

Would YOU like to Access Dr.Kilcoyne's SPECIALIST* Skills ?

If you are put-off by the idea of medium to large bone grafting surgery before larger Implant placement, then Check-out Dr.Kilcoyne's assessment to see if you can AVOID medium to large Bone Grafting and the associated wait of 6-12 months for Grafting to heal/reshape or in some cases reject, before any standard-type implants can even be placed.

Patients come to us from near and far including London, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Manchester, York, Leeds City, LS, Hull, Birmingham, Harley Street, Dublin, Newcastle, North, South, East, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Trent, Midlands, Tyneside, Lincolnshire, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, USA etc.

When you see your OWN Dentist for regular maintenance of Implanted teeth afterwards, they need the special care and maintenance including cleaning/scaling with properly modified instruments that don't damage the Titanium, which standard Stainless Steel Dental Instruments could do.

See an example below of the kind of instruments Implant Dentists use for regular maintenance visits.

Dental Tooth Implants in more detail below, after this timely warning about Treatment Abroad!

Tempted by Cheaper Dentistry/Surgery prices abroad like Hungary, India, Poland, Africa, Romania etc ?

Let's be honest here, there is usually only one reason why normally sensible people consider going abroad for Surgery/Dentistry, it's to save money, full stop!

It's not to struggle with communication/understanding a foreign language/culture OR the fun of flying abroad every time there is an adjustment, complication/problems OR the lower regulation, consumer protection, worse insurance and lack of continuity of care offered by a complete Stranger in another country/continent, is it?

Who though isn't tempted by a bargain, especially on holiday when food, drink, clothes ,DVDs or even property seem SO much cheaper - BUT we are talking about commodities there, NOT an Invasive Surgical Service which if done to sub-UK standards could mean irreversible complications, damage or accelerated tooth-loss for life. Teeth are not as disposable as say the consequences of buying a fake Watch that looks like the real thing at first, but falls apart after a year. You can still throw that away and just lose money, but losing teeth or coming back to the UK with massive amounts of tooth drilled away and complications could haunt you for life later and they may simply say that 'foreign Dentist' has moved on so tough - how are you going to complain or argue your case in a foreign language then?

So please be VERY VERY CAREFUL indeed - there are many possible hidden dangers !!!
Complex Dentistry is like Keyhole Surgery - you don't want the wrong shortcuts.

Look at the picture below shown in a recent advert (2008)
feature for supposedly cheaper and better dental care than in the UK.
Notice anything unusual ?

Misleading Unhygienic Advert abroad
Thank Goodness there was a picture to tell us all the REAL truth compared to the text under the picture that could mislead the unwary so easily!!!

Certainly treating patients in the mouth without gloves on would not be

regarded as safe or normal practice in the UK today, let alone better !

With HIV and the increased rates now of Hepatitis A,B,C,F &G, plus
the further East you go the more resistant infections are to any
treatment back here in the UK
(eg: TB, Bird Flu, Conjunctivitis ) sadly.
One cannot help wondering what else may be compromised that one cannot easily notice,
if that picture is regarded as OK or normal in such countries !

See Official UK GDC Advice and warnings by clicking here !

In general, in Poorer Countries the Standards and Training are rarely
the same as UK, USA, Australia etc, no matter how "flash" the adverts or wild promises or the
equipment looks!

It's cheaper for a reason and many of these Countries
actually needed medical and dental aid, including education, until only
relatively recently !

So YES, we may not be the cheapest OR the most expensive actually, but if you can find the same Quality, Qualifications, Experience and long Track-record for less, please do let us know - thousands believe we are Good Value for the level of established Specialist Expertise one is getting.

Dr.Kilcoyne is a fully UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics ,which includes Dental Tooth Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Dentures, Bonding etc, to Restore or Replace teeth functionally and cosmetically so you can have a Smile that you can be proud of, without compromise.

Doing the wrong thing in the wrong way is very POOR Value for money longer-term, even if it was cheaper in the first instance, because your teeth ideally need to last for life and are NOT disposable like some cheap DVD copy bought on holiday abroad - your Health is far more valuable and non-disposable than that !!!

We hope whether you seek you treatment from us or elsewhere, that the wide range of information provided on our Website will help you in discussions with your own Dentist, so you can fully consider which options best meet your needs, budget and long-term wishes for your Dental Health and as always, Prevention is cheaper and better than Cure.

Only your Dentist or Specialist can give you individual advice after examining you.
If you have suffered any Dental disasters or complications and your mouth now needs completely rebuilding because of past poor Dentistry abroad, we have helped many recover from this and could help to restore you back to reasonable function and looks too, though sadly this usually costs much more in time and money to address than doing the Implant Assessment AND Treatment to a high-standard in the first place!

Dental Tooth Implants information in even more detail below:

Dental Tooth Implants are basically a titanium root that replaces the root of a natural tooth or teeth.

Shows Relationship of Implant root to Bone
Dental Implants are useful in many ways, from replacing single teeth where you don't want to drill other teeth next to a gap, as well as just acting as strong anchorage to help stabilise an otherwise very loose Denture, for example. Dental Implants can also replace all your missing teeth, if there is enough bone to support Implant placement.
However, the most critical thing you need is enough height and width of natural bone to support any proposed Implant. Without enough bone, the Implant doesn't have strong foundations and will fail. Of course one always wants to have the largest Implant one can safely place in the largest amount of bone one can, to give the strongest foundations and the best position for teeth.
However if this can only be done with major Bone Grafting Surgery to add more bone volume, it may mean patients chose less satisfactory alternatives.
Fortunately some recent advances in smaller Implants can give patients Implant options which may have less bone foundations or be less ideal positioned than a full Bone Grafting case could produce, but it still gives a good Clinical result in terms of fixed-in teeth, bite, cosmetics, denture retention, but with less Surgical risks, rejection, trauma and recovery time that major Bone Grafting Surgery would entail.

Would you like to explore these possibilities?

Same day mini or midi implants can be placed with minimum Surgery and provide same day teeth too!
These "new" smaller dental implants from the USA will, I believe, revolutionise the availability and ease with which most people can access the benefits of implant retained teeth. There are different types and designs of mini Implants (as there are standard-larger implants too) so we ALWAYS need to do an Implant Assessment to see which ones best suit your needs and wishes.

Mini implants can be as small as only 1.8mm in diameter to 3- 3.5mm from major Implant manufacturers who are starting to expand these choices in their products, helping to reduce Bone Grafting needs, give patients more Implant options as well as avoiding anatomically complex structures such as nerves in the bone.

Here is an example of a patient's narrow bone that would have previously been condemned as having either NO Implant options or told needs major bone-grafting Surgery:

Smile Specialist Narrow Bone Scan

However cases like these may now be suitable for Mini-Implants and avoid such major bone-grafting Surgery and it's additional risks!

As a general rule, at our Smile Specialist Centre we try to fit the largest Implant we can in the bone available, but it is, of course, the bone that disappears because of past disease or extractions that is the REAL challenge, thus for the larger implants one may need bone grafts and sometimes larger bone blocks grafting as a separate larger Surgical procedure, with all of it's extra risks and complications too!

Whilst smaller Implants are inevitably less strong than bigger Implants, one has to also take into consideration the INCREASED risks of doing further Surgery such as larger bone grafts, whether using your own bone (creating two surgical sites, donor and placement) or Animal derivatives or other Human sources, the healing times and success rates are lower for bone Implants than titanium Implants - the Healing Time (6-12 months) and inconvenient, post-operative pain and swelling etc, are all increased too.

Of course, having larger amounts of bone back in place with larger implants is the IDEAL solution when considering Implants, though having your own teeth there healthily was probably the best to avoid these difficult choices, but circumstances may not have favoured that.

Likewise, you may prefer to consider the second-best option for Implants, which may mean smaller Implants placed in less bone BUT avoiding the extra Surgery, Costs and risks that bone-grafting may have too, whilst still improving your current dental situation with fixed-in Implants.

Smaller Mini Implants or even medium-sized Midi Implants may not require the major Surgery of some Standard implant systems and can be placed in areas with less bone too, sometimes avoiding bone grafts completely - this is certainly an increasingly popular choice when patients consider ALL the pros and cons as well as their personal wishes too.

This is a close-up view of an example of Dr.Kilcoyne's minimum surgery approach below, placed in one visit:

If it's a choice between smaller Implants using Dr.Kilcoyne's Keyhole Surgery Techniques or NO IMPLANTS AT ALL WITHOUT MAJOR BONE GRAFTING FIRST, then you may decide the former option is your preference - we can help you by giving you ALL the choices after a Specialist Implant Assessment and report that's specific for YOU !

AVERAGE COST for Keyhole Surgery for a MIDI-sized Implant+Abutment+Temp.Crown placed same-day =

ONLY £2400 by Specialist Dr.Kilcoyne himself !!

Smaller implants are often cheaper than standard sized implant work and the patient can even get to leave with teeth attached to these smaller implants, so they can eat on the same day too!
However, mini, midi or Minimplants® type implants being a smaller foundation, may mean needing MORE of these fixtures to support the teeth they carry, BU this may still avoid or greatly reduce any bone grafting surgery needed beforehand, for Standard wider/longer Dental Implants - thus there will be savings in costs usually, but the biggest saving may be in Time/Visits and reduction of risks with Bone-Grafting Surgery and the delayed healing, time off work or complications associated with this standard approach!

With so much to measure and consider, clearly an implant Assessment is ESSENTIAL for you, before making any final decisions !

If this type of implant work interests you, then you will need an Implant Assessment appointment with us (01535-644005) first, so that we can assess which particular type of Implants, mini Implants or other treatments, may best meet your particular needs - this only costs £199 NOW just £99! for up to a one hour assessment and you will then know exact facts for you !!!

Dr.Kilcoyne has also run some of the first courses on these mini implants for Dentists in the UK, so that they may offer the choices for these exciting new options to their patients too.

Bone Grafts

Where there isn't enough bone for standard sized Implants, it may then be possible that bone can be surgically added, but this adds extra complications to the procedure, or even extra visits to allow healing/waiting time. This is why the newer mini or midi or root-tapered implants may be useful in many cases, by avoiding both the inconvenience, extra Surgery and Extra costs of some standard implants that must have significant bone grafts in some dental Implant cases!

Of course in some cases, there still isn't enough bone for even mini or midi Dental Tooth Implants because the bone shrinks quickly when a tooth has been lost. Also, teeth may have been experiencing gum disease where the underlying bone is destroyed and dissolved away. Trauma may also have contributed to bone loss. Overall, the longer a tooth has been missing, the more any existing bone and gum will have shrunk away.
Even so, newer Implant designs such as smaller narrower Implants may help minimise the need for Bone grafts in some areas of the mouth, by either replacing teeth with less than average bone remaining, or by using several smaller Implants to support teeth, instead of the standard, larger cylinder Implants that some Dentists still prefer.

Thus the total costs for smaller mini, midi or root shaped Implants may be the same or similar overall for a dental implant case, but these can give a clinically satisfactory fixed-teeth solution that avoids the extra-expense, extra-surgery stages and the possible complications, rejection and delays of significant bone grafting Surgery too.

However, if there is absolutely not enough bone even for mini-implants, then some grafting will be necessary and again we can discuss the different options for this in detail too - there are also newer grafting techniques to reduce the amount of bone/volume of graft needed too - that's why a full assessment, options and personal estimate needs to be done for you, to get ALL the info. you need.

The picture below shows a bone grafting procedure using a significant amount of the patient's own bone, mixed with the artificial material to increase the bulk and a membrane being sutured up too.

SmileSpecialist bone grafting Surgery

Bone grafts can be taken from minor sites (eg: extraction sockets, chin etc.) or major sites (eg: iliac crest on the hip bone). Bone from your own body helps reduce any "rejection" effects. There are also bone substitutes that act as bulking agents. These can be minerals that are chemically manufactured (eg: Calcium Triphosphate) or sourced naturally (eg: Coral). New and cheaper cost alternatives are becoming available all the time, so it is worth keeping up to date.

We do NOT use any animal or human products for bone grafting, only the patient's own natural bone or pure mineral alternatives.

The advantages of Bone grafting are that if one is willing to wait 6-12 months, then significant bone volume can be added and thus improve the position, size and foundations of the Implants used, but are you willing to go through what is an addition Surgical procedure (more extensive swelling, discomfort and healing time than just for Implants) as well as the additional risks it may fail, not take, get infected, need another operation to remove and be worse off etc, etc?

If not, then one has to accept there is then some compromise in placing Implants in less than full volume bone and possibly not ideal position either, necessitating different angles for the Crowns/Bridges/Attachments that will eventually go on top of the healed Implants one they have bonded/taken to your natural bone.

Surgical Considerations:

As well as VOLUME of bone, we must consider the QUALITY of the bone - thus we take both of these into account for your Implant Assessment.
As can be seen from the diagram below, the volume and shape of ridges after shrinking/healing is important, as well as the density of the bone on the outside cortex and internal medulla:

SmileSpecialist Assessment of bone Quality

Some problems encountered can be treated surgically, such as ridge expansion (improves width of bone) and compression to increase density of softer bone. Also sinus lifts (surgically repositions sinus lining) and nerve repositioning procedures are possible too, if they are causing difficulties. Again, these add another complex stage to the procedures and should not be undertaken lightly. Like all procedures, they have their own additional risks too, so do think about these issues carefully and discuss them with the Dentist/Specialist in detail.

For Very Complex or Oral Cancer cases where the facial and oral aspects are being rebuilt with the aid of implants, several surgeons (including plastic surgeons) are involved with the planning, with major grafting being involved, including skin grafting. This would normally be done in a Hospital environment.


Obviously, each case is individual, but a rough guide would be a single tooth Implant (including crown) for about £2750 pounds sterling ($3600), with a small to medium bone graft costing about £490 pounds sterling ($650) extra if done at the same time, so they heal together in the same time-frame.
Again where we can, we always try to fit the largest Implant into your bone volume, but this may mean using the smaller Implants if you wish to reduce or even eliminate the surgical bone-grafting phase outlined above.

AVERAGE COST for a MIDI-sized Implant+Abutment+Temp.Crown placed same-day = £2400 pounds by Specialist Dr.Kilcoyne !

If many more Implants are involved, these cases are then more complex to restore, get a good bite/smile etc, so each case needs examining and estimating for individually.

Here is a link to our Prices page for Mini, Midi and Standard Implant prices (Please remember that we are Specialists!)

There is also a cost in time and inconvenience, which is usually much longer than with other Dental treatment alternatives. There is also the possibility that through no fault of the patient OR the operator, the Implant procedure is not successful.

This is a biological risk that cannot be avoided.
You may have to have any failing Implants removed, let the bone heal, then perhaps 3-6 months later, get Surgical Implant treatment again!

Although the inconvenience of any re-treatment is disliked, re-treatment is usually successful the second time.
If suitable for the smaller Mini, Midi, Root shaped narrower tooth implants, when these can be placed in less bone, sometimes therefore avoiding major bone grafts and can half the TIME of more complex Implant treatments, whilst often providing same-day replacement (temporary) teeth to chew on, that are fixed in place IMMEDIATELY !!!

This can save further complications caused through major bone graft surgery and literally give you a same-day solution until final Crowns or Bridges or dentures are made.This may cost NO MORE than standard-type buried Implants that need large bone grafts first AND still leave you with gaps and no fixed-in options for 3 to 6 months+.

Whether interested in Dental Tooth Implants, Smile Makeovers or Braces, click below to see our Special Offers:

Click for Special Offers from Smile Specialist Centre


WARNING - Please be very careful about some adverts for so called "cheap" Dentistry abroad, as Standards and Training are rarely the same as UK or USA, no matter how "flash" the equipment looks! Always check out the Registration Status of any Surgeon, how many years (preferably decades) they have been in the same place and what further actual qualifications they have above a basic Dental Degree.
If you have suffered any Dental disasters or complications and your mouth now needs completely rebuilding because of past poor Dentistry abroad, we have helped many recover from this and could help to restore you back to reasonable function and looks too, but this usually costs much more in time and money to address than doing it to a high-standard in the first place! Past problems of poor quality work have included drilling far too much good tooth away, endangering the nerve of the tooth and causing abscesses, not enough tooth left for future replacements, poor fit at margins causing decay + gum diseases later and the bite being out causing jaw joint problems - unfortunately many of these consequences do NOT show up straight away, but sometimes take months/few years, so patients may not become aware until it's serious/painful, which are not early signs!

We are Accredited Specialists* in this kind of Dental Tooth Implant planning and Treatment and stock many different Implant types and shapes, so that we can choose the implant type to fit you individually, not try and make you fit the limits of say ONE implant system !

If costs are an issue, please discuss that with us at your implant Assessment - there are some schemes that allow you to spread out the costs of your Treatments, but when it comes to PRICE, we would prefer you waited and saved and got the quality of treatment you need, rather than compromise because you rush into things, want it now and choose something that less meets your needs and wishes overall, just to save some money short-term !

SUCCESS RATES for Implants:

These vary tremendously between different operators, different systems and different groups of Patients. IT IS NEVER 100% though!!!
Crossing the road isn't 100% for everyone each day, some people won't get to the other side, without it being anyone's fault.
Our average success rates though are very good, currently our success rates are higher in the Mandible (lower jaw) as the bone quality is generally higher (>95% success in favourable cases). In the Maxilla (upper jaw) the success rate is a bit lower (>87% in favourable cases).

These success rates though can easily decrease the more complex a case is, if you need bone grafts or other complications such as medical
history, smoking, poor bone quality, previous resistant infections, abscesses etc.

OUR Success rates are based on treating everyone we can - unfortunately there are some Surgeons who will refuse to treat the more difficult cases and so they can THEN claim higher success rates overall, but they may be turning away perhaps 50% of people who are requesting Implant Options - we DO NOT DO THIS, but try to treat everyone who wishes Tooth Implant options whenever possible, including Smokers or those who have had past Gum Disease but have improved !!!

Although generally, Implant Surgery success rates are gradually improving over time as new developments improve the features of Implants further, they still tend to "fail" because they don't "bond" to the bone, or they are "overloaded" too early or patients don't follow-up for regular cleanings and maintenance as advised.
Although the "odds" are in your favour, there is STILL a risk of failure despite everyone's best efforts.

Are you willing to accept that risk?

Implants have relatively high costs and treatment time implications, with re-treatment a real possibility.
But, when your body accepts Implants and they bond to bone, they are very solid and give an excellent clinical performance for eating, talking and smiling confidently, for the vast majority of people and like your own natural teeth, if looked after well they can last a lifetime too.
Only you can decide if the risk to cost to benefit ratio is worth it for Dental Implant Treatments!

Cross Section Xray of Implants and Teeth

Contra-indications to implants:

Smokers have a higher failure rate with Implants because their tissues are relatively unhealthy and don't heal as well to the Implant.

People who smoke are more prone to gum infections and this can affect Implants as well as other natural teeth remaining in your mouth.
Many Surgeons will not treat smokers with Implants because they spoil their patient success rates. However, ever newer techniques are improving this situation and success rates for smokers, so ask your Dentist or Specialist for the latest information and find someone who will give you ALL the options.
General Medical health can complicate/fail Implant treatment such as Immuno-compromised, Steroid treatment and medications like BisPhosphonates and various Allergies etc.
Previous Dental diseases such as a pre-disposition to gum diseases and bone quality problems (eg: osteoporosis) or severe bone loss.
Repeated failure/rejection of Implants - we include one "free" replacement should your Implant not take the first time, but if it fails twice, then Implants are probably not for you and you should consider the alternative options.

Clearly, Dental Tooth Implants offer exciting alternatives for Patients. However, this is a Complex area of Dentistry that should be discussed personally with your Dentist or Specialist at a specific Consultation and Assessment for your personal needs and options where ever you are from, in the UK or Abroad, why not visit us for a Specialist* Opinion about Dental Implants, Mini, Midi Implants, Smaller root shaped Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth bleaching or other "same-day" treatments that we can offer you on a very pleasant visit to Bronte Country and the Yorkshire Countryside. 

You can use the above website menu or just click-a-link here for Specialist or Advanced aspects of Tooth VeneersTooth WhiteningDental Tooth Implants and smaller Mini-ImplantsDental Ceramic CrownsGum Diseases and Bad Breath or Root Canal treatments are just some of the subjects you can learn more about here on our award winning dental website

Dental Tooth Implants offer exciting additional choices for fixed-in teeth solutions, but they are complex, can need close after-care and the Experience and Expertise of the Dentist placing AND PLANNING your Implants and other Dentistry, is crucial to your overall successful treatment longer-term.

Dr.Kilcoyne with his Quality Developmemt award for Patient services

The Quality Development Award (QDA) was judged by the British Dental Journal, Denplan and Colgate, with Dr.Kilcoyne's Practice winning this prestigious award for the Quality of his patient services. This picture is a while ago now, but our drive, standards and advances continue to improve further still.

*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of all Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. Please go to our MAKE an APPOINTMENT page if you'd like to access his Expertise.