Fixed Bridges choices for 2024 onwards...

Fixed Tooth Bridges and dental bridgework are fixed in tooth-replacement options that replace missing teeth or can replace your Dentures if there's just a few teeth on them.
Dr. Kilcoyne is a qualified and experienced Specialist in such complex bespoke skilled work, which involves multiple teeth for a Bridge and detailed analysis of your bite, smile, abutments, design etc.

This page discusses differing types of Tooth-supported Bridges, Cosmetic Dental Bridges, tooth-coloured bridges, metal free bridgework, Dental Implant supported Bridges, temporary bridges, splinted bridges, adhesive bridges such as Rochette, Maryland, sandblasted and cantilever Bridges, Bridge repairs, fractured Bridges, use of mini Implants to support existing bridges, semi-fixed and flexible bridges, specialist attachments and adhesive bridgework too. See our other page on newer Ceramic Bridges separately.
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Do you need a fixed tooth bridge or even an Implant retained bridge?

If there has been tooth-loss, but there are still some strong teeth left close to any spaces, then bridgework could be a possible, fixed in solution.
Placing a bridge after a tooth has been lost can prevent other knock-on problems that would affect your entire mouth. Teeth need each other for support. When one tooth is lost, the biting force changes on the teeth next to the space, and they can begin to shift ,tilt or drift. When a tooth no longer has anything to chew against, it can erupt and move out of the socket. You can eventually end up losing this tooth too!

As your bite changes, it gets harder and harder to chew your food. This can cause further damage to your jaw joint, making function difficult. It is also much harder to clean teeth that have shifted. Harmful plaque and tartar accumulate in these new hard-to-reach places, which can result in cavities, gum disease, and permanent bone loss. Like 'road' bridges, a dental tooth bridge uses support 'abutments' (teeth or implants) for support either side of the Gap, to carry the missing tooth replacement and hold it in place.

Bridges are custom-crafted in a dental laboratory to precisely fit your teeth. There are many different type of Bridge designs and materials. This is an area that we Specialise in. Whilst some tooth substance needs removing from adjacent teeth to make a covering crown to carry the tooth in the gap, sometimes that benefits the teeth next to the gap if they were already worn, or had surface cracks or were heavily-filled or failing in some way, then investing in a bridge may help fix several issues together - again a detailed examination is required so one can appreciate the individual teeth/gap issue, as well as the overall bite and whole mouth stability, short and longer-term.

Want to see how we make a really advanced Bridge?

These pictures show a special "semi-fixed" attachment made of gold and palladium, with cosmetic porcelains then bonded on top to look "natural" in the mouth - this flexible attachment allows the bridge to accept larger forces without fracturing/damaging teeth, yet replaces the missing side tooth on the top jaw beautifully too, combining Function and Cosmetics optimally!

A Specially designed Semi-Fixed Bridge by Dr.Kilcoyne, showing the technical stages too!

Without the above pictures, could you tell we had replaced the upper second from back tooth, with a fixed in Bridge?

Bridgework does involve losing the outside 1mm of a fully intact, unfilled tooth, to make room for the hollow hand-made Crowns that carry the "missing" tooth - whilst any natural tooth loss is not desirable and should be avoided or minimised, often though the teeth prepared are already heavily filled, fractured or worn down excessively, so bridgework can help repair, reinforce and improve the bite/looks of the supporting teeth, as well as replace a missing tooth by being "fixed in" all the time. If this is the case for you, then a Bridge may be a good treatment solution that helps address several dental problems at once.

A missing tooth really changes a person's smile, but a bridge is one good way to get your smile back!

See the series of pictures below which show how we replaced an already well designed upper metal ring denture, with a much smaller and cosmetically superior mini-Bridge. Which would you prefer, considering the metal ring denture was already much less bulky than a standard plastic Denture design that would have covered all the palate and been thicker than metal too?

Metal based ring Denture and Dark Tooth corrected by Dr.Kilcoyne's neat small fixed-in Bridge!
Bridgework is just one option to replace missing teeth, if such treatment is beneficial or desired, such as Implants, Precision Dentures and other types of Bridges too.

All options have advantages and disadvantages, as well as different costs and treatment times, see our "Bridge Alternatives" for more details.

Bridges though do depend on the other teeth being suitable to support and carry other missing teeth. We get many patients who are told their other teeth are simply not suitable for Bridgework and in some cases we find this too (but can look at Bridge alternatives as needed), but in other cases modern advances in knowledge and alternative designs MAY mean a Specially designed Bridge could still be an option from SmileSpecialist®!

For example, it used to be thought that if other teeth lost 50% of their bone support, under the gums, then they couldn't carry other teeth on bridgework (Ante's Law). However, as long as gum disease is treated and monitored regularly, the bite (occlusion) is carefully controlled/adjusted and advanced technical features are used, many more teeth can now be Bridged than originally thought possible.

Of course, there are other options too, but only a thorough assessment and personal examination can determine what is (or isn't) possible for you!


The Importance of good Aftercare and Maintenance!

As well as regular check-ups to your Dentist to prevent problems (or at least catch them very early on), please follow your aftercare advice and don't neglect your Toothbrushing and Flossing Techniques that reduce Dental Plaque attack on your teeth, gums and dentistry work.
Want to know more about brushing and Flossing techniques that prevents bad breath and keeps your Mouth and Dentistry Healthier too?

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