Tooth Bus to provide routine dental check-ups for anyone who hasn’t seen a dentist for two years or more.......

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Thanks to the inconsistencies of National Health Service dental provision (something we have commented about on this website some time ago), Healthwatch Dorset have come up with a solution. Up and running since last month, they have launched the Tooth Bus. The Tooth Bus is to all intents a mobile dental service, fully equipped with the latest technology.

How advanced virtual reality is being used in 2022 for training dental students in the UK

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Virtual Reality has come a long way since it was regarded as a novelty. In the early 1990s, it was seen as an expensive toy with blocky polygon graphics. For a time, you only saw VR systems in amusement arcades on the seafront. Twenty years on, virtual reality has become part of our home entertainment systems, and a useful tool for training purposes.

How to fight halitosis. In other words, bad breath and its common dental causes too, especially through these Covid-19 times...

Bad breath: there is nothing more embarrassing than getting a dressing down over your halitosis.  Image by NE Studio (via Shutterstock).

Some of us might remember the Listerine adverts featuring Clifford, an animated dragon. Voiced by Geoffrey Palmer (best known for his roles in Butterflies, Hot Metal and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin), its winsome advertisements used the fairy tale scenario to convey its message. As well as preventing bad breath, it extolled its properties in fighting plaque.

How Barodontalgia could ruin your holiday with air pressure changes, though in lockdown it is not as common as once was.......

Barodontalgia can ruin your holiday if your teeth aren't in tip top condition.  Image by Andrew Barker (via Shutterstock).

Say you've already booked your holiday from Leeds/Bradford Airport. Your passport is up to date, you've lost enough weight for the beach, and you're days away from packing up. What about your teeth? Before you think this is a silly question, dental health does play a part in your well deserved break. If you're 9,000 feet above sea level or above, the state of your teeth is a concern. You may have heard of a condition known as Barodontalgia.

How the worrying case of Maddison Crabb raised significant concerns for 'cheap' priced whitening treatments, often seen online.....

A tooth whitening cowboy.

On our website, we have stressed how apparently bargain priced tooth whitening treatments could leave you out of pocket. Not least the damage they could do to your teeth.
One of the reasons it costs a bit more to be treated by a proper Dentist, is safety and actually getting the best results for you as everyone is different!
See here for a more extreme example of the dangers of 'going cheap' for healthcare, never mind dentistry:

Quoting from the first page of our website:

“It is very important to go to a properly qualified Dental Professionals for Teeth Whitening who can examine your mouth before and after Teeth Whitening treatments after taking a full Medical History...”

We also said how cowboy practices could endanger your health by spreading disease (i.e.: Hepatitis B, Herpes, TB) from unsterilised equipment. This week, we have learned about the case of Maddison Crabb.