How 3D printing is changing the face of our smiles

The future of denture design: 3D printing. Image by Sergi Lopez Roig (via Shutterstock).

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last decade.  The present-day fad is one that has ran and ran longer than Coronation Street. That of the quest for whiter teeth, as evidenced by numerous clinics offering teeth whitening services. The next innovation could be a revolutionary one for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics alike: 3D printing.

How Milad Shadrooh aims to raise awareness of oral health on the road

Guaranteed to get you singing: Milad Shadrooh's adaptations of chart hits with a dental slant. Image by ALXR (via Shutterstock).

Meet Milad Shadrooh.  By day, he is the linchpin of the Chequers Dental Surgery in Ascot, Berkshire.  By night, he is also a DJ.  In his free time, he focuses on his other passion of popular music, albeit with a difference.  Over the last year, he has adapted hit singles, by turning then into oral health themed songs.  After posting his first parody (Gappy, based on the Pharrell Williams song, Happy), he has become quite a celebrity on YouTube.

Could water fluoridation boost the city’s dental health?

An Aerial View of Hull. Image by Neil Mitchell (via Shutterstock).

Last month, Hull City Council have agreed to strike a blow to tooth decay, by voting in favour of water fluoridation.  With the plans unanimously voted for, it aims to get Public Health England’s backing.  The city of Hull, and neighbouring Holderness will be affected by a plan, which many critics have dubbed as ‘mass medication’.

Are you Mouthaware? This November sees the launch of Mouth Cancer Action Month

For Mouth Cancer Action Month, blue lip selfies is being used to raise awareness. Image by Casther (via Shutterstock).

As a leading cosmetic dentistry practice, we understand how there’s more to good looking smiles than the aesthetic side of things.  Good oral health is even more important: it is about eating and drinking healthily as well as mental health. Smoking, drinking alcohol to excess, and a poor diet are among a few triggers of Mouth Cancer.


An infographic on the Top 10 causes of tooth decay and how to keep your teeth healthy

Nothing boosts confidence better than a good smile, not least the health benefits. Image by Subbotina Anna (via Shutterstock).

Keeping your teeth healthy in the modern world can be a challenging task which is why the team at The Smile Specialist Centre, near Bradford and Leeds, have come up with some facts and tips on keeping those teeth health and that smile shining.