Advanced Partial & Part Dentures at the Smile Specialist Centre

Specialist Dr.Kilcoyne provides many Advanced Precision and bespoke partial dentures options, including precision attachments with little or no clasps showing, non-metal dentures with tooth coloured (acetyl) resin clasps, additional denture retention features including using Dental Implants, mini Implants, immediate Dental Implants, Crowns, telescopic crowns, close fit Dentures, Magnets and other retentive features on teeth using RPI, Guide planes and other precision systems too. A detailed examination is always required for such detailed work, to improve the bite, fit. stability and cosmetics of your mouth overall.  

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How do I get a precision partial denture?

This needs careful planning prior to any provision and often utilises existing teeth/crowns to aid retention using precision attachments. A precision partial denture replaces missing teeth and restores your bite with a better fit and appearance than traditional partial dentures without attachments such as metal clasps.

Traditional dentures use metal clasps to hold it in place. Though these clasps do a fair job of holding a partial in place, they are visible and detract from your smile by looking unsightly or obvious even when you are just talking. See below how we can make a precision Denture which not only matches the subtly different colours in your Gums but matches existing teeth and crowns and even has tooth coloured clasps, if you look very closely you may just see them!

Part dentures fitted precisely with Crowns
There are many other designs we can do too, with special new crowns and matching attachments built into the framework, newer designs allow the visible clasps to be eliminated, creating a much tighter fitting partial denture, with less metal showing too! However every Denture is hand-made and is unique to each patient, so Dr.Kilcoyne needs to do a thorough examination of your mouth, bite and Smile to help you get the best results for you, your smile, your function and of course your budget too.

The Diagram below shows a metal based Denture which is also less bulky than an all-plastic acrylic denture, especially behind the lower teeth, which then leaves more room for the tongue to move and speak etc. These kind of dentures are called Cobalt-Chrome part dentures, which you can ask your dentist about upgrading to from just the ordinary all plastic acrylic dentures.

Diagram of a less bulky Metal Framed Part Denture

As with all partial dentures, whatever kind or design you go for, good cleaning techniques are essential to keep the other teeth healthy, as they help hold in your denture and the danger is, you will neglect regular check-ups and professional cleanings, small problems will creep into the gums without you noticing and other teeth may get loser and be lost, resulting in the part Denture slowly growing into a FULL Denture and then what? A Full Denture only has shrinking gums to try and grip, so they don't perform as well as a part-denture that has healthy teeth to grip, so don't neglect those remaining teeth, keep them healthy through regular check-ups.


The Importance of good Aftercare and Maintenance!

As well as regular check-ups to your Dentist to prevent problems (or at least catch them very early on), please follow your aftercare advice and don't neglect your Toothbrushing and Flossing Techniques that reduce Dental Plaque attack on your teeth, gums and dentistry work.
Want to know more about brushing and Flossing techniques that prevents bad breath and keeps your Mouth and Dentistry Healthier too?

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As with all restorations, good hygiene/diet and regular checks are essential.

Only your Dentist or Specialist can give you specific advice - why not get a Specialist opinion by clicking make Appointment on top menu?