Our Dental Prices are valid from Tues 2nd January 2024, despite huge Covid & inflation price rises & continuing supply challenges!
SmileSpecialist® Centre - Private Dental Care especially for you.

Our SmileSpecialist® Dentistry Prices - Please remember that Dr.Kilcoyne is a highly experienced Accredited & Registered Specialist* in Planning and delivering Complex dentistry, like restoring Teeth and Implants with advanced Crowns, Bridges, Special attachments options etc.

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CORONA VIRUS & SAFETY UPDATES 2024 : We thank you for your continued patience as there are still occasional outbreaks of Covid, Flu, tummy bugs and the '100 day cough', as people mix more socially and don't clean hands as well as they used to, so please wash hands often, especially before eating snacks or fast foods, pizza etc.

Dr.Kilcoyne additionally has a Special interest in Braces and also the latest Fastbraces® choices from the USA, having travelled there to get bespoke advanced training from the inventor himself, to benefit his patients. Our Practice has also won Awards for Patient Services - our aim is to offer the very BEST Value for Money overall in the Price/Quality ratio of Dentistry provided, which is reflected in the fact that Patients literally travel from all over the UK to Access our High-Tech Expertises and Skills!
SmileSpecialist Choices of Cosmetic Crowns, Veneers, Implants etc.
Now 0% interest fee payments available over 10 months*
*terms and conditions apply, but most people get approval for dental use.
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PLEASE recognise even basic dental access via NHS routes has worsened further still and many advanced treatments today were simply not available by choice - read more here:
 NHS Dental crisis in England by bad systems, continue beyond 2023!

We are a 100% Private Practice doing such advanced Private procedures routinely.

A Quick Price Guide for our most requested Dental Procedures

( Please see a much more detailed price-listing and Special Offers further below for many more options and treatments too )
Treatment & prices from:
(but see Offers!)
Mini - Implants £1900
Midi - Implants £2400
Full-Sized Implants £3000
Ceramic Crowns £1290
Cosmetic Veneers £1290
FastBraces £4167 a case 

The more detailed Dental Price List guide BELOW are valid from 2nd Jan. 2024, but this does not substitute for a full examination and personal written estimate of the costs involved - the Prices listed apply to all work received at the
SmileSpecialist® Centre in Haworth, Keighley, Bradford, West Yorkshire UK only.
Don't forget our very Special 2024 Offers = unbelievable value!
SmileSpecialist Special Offer We'll beat any genuine equivalent Quote!

Our Prices quoted after an Examination are inclusive - beware "extra" charges for things like labwork, temporaries, abutments and other parts or services, which are sometimes excluded to make the advertised price look cheaper, but when added on afterwards, aren't the bargain you may have thought. We will always give you all the choices and bottom-line Prices in our estimate, which you will be given normally at your first DETAILED Examination visit too, for your consideration. Don't skimp on that important Expert examination from a fully qualified and registered Specialist in those aspects involving detailed labwork (Prosthodontics)!


If you have already suffered harm from cheap Dentistry Abroad, we may still be able to help if too much tooth wasn't drilled away underneath or if there is enough bone left even for our smaller Tooth Implants, then we may be able to salvage something so you avoid Dentures or reduce your suffering in the future - again these are perfect examples of why lowest Price is rarely good Value for something as High-Tech as Advanced Dentistry treatments!

We Take the Time to Care and apply our 35+ years of Expertise and Knowledge too.
It is such skills you are mainly buying and valuing, not only the actual materials in a Crown or Filling!
All appointments made with The SmileSpecialist® Centre and any treatment or goods received are subject to our usual terms and conditions of doing business.

Consultations and Reports

The following are examples of the most common types of
Initial Consultations and Reports:
Guide prices below from:
EMERGENCY treatment visit - for temporary work that will relieve pain the quickest £149.00 for pain relieving treatment only
Children (from babies to 18 years old) for 1st Private examination and registration £ 45.00 discounted for 1st visit only
Family New Private Patients examination (includes 2 adults and unlimited children) £ 199.00 discounted for first registration visit,
only if attending all together at same appointment !
Standard New Patient Consultation ( 30 mins allocated)
(includes oral cancer check, but not X-rays - see X-ray prices below)
£ 99.00 Standard New Patient Examination
For Advanced or Complex need extended consultation.
Extended Consultation needed for Cosmetic Assessment or
Second Opinion (doesn't include X-rays) (45 mins allocated)
£ 149.00 Extended Consultation for
Cosmetic or second opinion
Complex or Dental Implant Assessment (60 mins allocated)
(includes gum and bone mapping, but not X-rays)
£ 175.00 Complex Treatment or Implant Work
requires this detailed 1 hour assessment
Standard 6 MONTHLY examination, scaling and fluoride treatment £ 149.00 If 6 months since last examination with us!
Standard recall 4 monthly Examination, Scaling and fluoride treatment £ 125.00 Standard 4 monthly recall examination, clean and prevention.
Dental Radiographs (X-Rays) small (Digital = low dose) £ 15.00 each small radiograph.
" " " medium ' ' £ 45.00 each med. radiograph.
" " " large ' ' £ 75.00 each large radiograph.
Latest CBCT = Cone Beam Low dose CT Dental Scan showing 3D image digitally £ 199.00 average CBCT Scan for one Quadrant of the mouth including detailed reporting!
Initial study models (plaster)

£ 66.00 pair of mounted models

Expert Written Reports for Insurance Claims etc, are quoted for individually and separately to those above.

All of our Consultations include Oral Cancer checks routinely and Digital Computerised Photography as required. X-rays (advanced digital low dosage) are extra and are priced separately above.

Whether you require a Standard new patient consultation, Cosmetic or Implant assessment etc, we can do these for you.
Please do choose the most appropriate Consultation so that enough time is allocated to discuss your needs and solutions in enough detail.

Please note that some treatments often incur other additional costs. Tooth Bleaching only whitens teeth for example, not crowns or fillings, root-canal treatments need additional x-rays and often a crown afterwards, etc, etc. Only after a personal consultation can an accurate written estimate be given for your short and longer-term needs and wishes overall !

Restorations and Ceramics Cost

Restorations can be relatively simple, small fillings or
complex tooth rebuilds that are to restore the natural
beauty and function of a tooth too.

The Quality of Restorations are most affected by how
much sound tooth-substance is saved (or drilled away),
the strength of the materials and more significantly,
how strongly they bond and seal to tooth substance.

This "Bonding" has become more recognised as important to both
seal out bacteria and keep fillings glued in.
Prices guides may vary due to the Quality of materials used, their strength and beauty, the size or complexity of the problem to overcome and the clinical skills involved.

You may find, for example, that Amalgam is the cheapest, but much more good tooth has to be removed, it isn't natural looking and there are some concerns about it's mercury content. However, being metal, it usually wears better than other restorations but stains the tooth grey/black and can give a "metallic" sensation, especially if it contacts other metals.

Ceramics are stronger than composites, glass-ionomer or compomer alternatives.
Prices below from:
Amalgam fillings (dentine bonded and sealed) £ 95.00 per tooth
Standard tooth-coloured fillings 3 star
(All Dentine Bonded)
£ 120.00 per tooth
" " " 4 star £ 155.00 per tooth
" " " 5 star £ 195.00 per tooth
Ceramic (cosmetic/strong) fillings 3 star £ 195.00 per tooth
" " " 4 star £ 250.00 per tooth
" " " 5 star £ 299.00 per tooth
Cerana Ceramic inserts type 1 direct inlays £ 375.00 per tooth
Cerana Ceramic inserts type 2 direct inlays £ 475.00 per tooth
Please note:

We generally prefer to avoid drilling pins into teeth
where much tooth substance has been lost, decayed
or fractured away, as this has been shown to compromise the tooth itself.

We prefer to use a combination of Dentine bonding
(glue) and slots and grooves, which have been shown to be superior ways to pins. We also prefer to use a decay dissolving gel to reduce the need for cutting sound tooth away.
We charge per tooth rather than per filling, so that our prices remain accurate even if there are several holes in one tooth.

Unfortunately, if deep decay has damaged the nerve, then an additional root-treatment will have to be done and charged for, as well as the restoration cost chosen above. A further Crown later may then also be needed. Pain is often a late sign, so don't wait for toothache!
This is why earlier treatment prevents problems. Decay should be treated early, not late!


Dental Tooth Implants Cost - Mini, Midi, Root and Standard Cylinder sized Implant types

NEWSFLASH - We can now provide same-day mini or root formed IMPLANT solutions so that you go away with TEETH fixed and ready to use, with the MINIMUM of Surgery and Cost - these can help reduce the necessity for bone Grafting (if you wish to avoid this) and allow many who were told they didn't have enough bone, to now benefit from these new Dental tooth Implants !!!

Dental Implants are generally Titanium based items that are placed into the jaw bone and depend upon being accepted by tissues so that the bone grows around these "Implants", remains healthy and does NOT reject them . This is called "osseo-integration".
Then artificial teeth (bridges,crowns or dentures) can be firmly attached to these Implants.
Some techniques require 3 or 6 months healing, other Implants can have fixed teeth same-day!
Price guides for Dental Implants vary mainly on the complexity of the Implant system used plus the amount and quality the bone left supporting as well as the ease or difficulty of the bite. A bone graft may be required where the bone has shrunk too much.
Newer Implants now can be placed without extensive Bone grafts !!!
Guide Prices below are from:
Same Day mini or midi Implants, done with Minimum Surgery each jaw £ 2400 each, not including new denture, but modifying existing denture if possible.
Single Mini Implant only 1.8mm wide (for very narrow bone or small teeth) £ 1900 per Implant only, but may need 2 for every one standard Implant!
Single small root shaped Implant (when less bone height present) £2400 per implant only
Single Tooth Implant Standard size ( large cylinder design) £3000 per Implant only
Multiple Implants- price reduces depending on individual case where some bone grafting needed (see examples below) £ Discounts possible for multiple Implant treatments - individual estimate given after exam
Bone Grafting for one or two teeth £ 450-£900.00 locally harvested
Three Implants triangularised to support Bridgework £ 8600.00 (Includes any local bone grafting)
Medium sized Bone Grafting for Implant work £ 1900.00 harvested from elsewhere in the mouth
Two Implant retained Lower Denture with special connectors/attachments £ 6950.00 includes locally harvested bone (and excludes cost of new denture)
Three or Four Implant retained Lower Denture (doesn't include cost of Lower Denture) £ 9900.00 includes locally harvested bone and includes any special connectors/attachments
Full arch Implant retained bridgework (often needs pre-op bone grafting) £ 19,990.00 per arch (excludes bone grafts and bridgework costs)
Sinus Lifts, ID nerve repositioning, Iliac Crest Grafts or other operations Priced upon complexity
Clearly Dental Tooth Implants are a complex option and
they do have a recognised failure rate. Each case needs to be assessed individually, but if suitable, Implants are the closest thing we have to replace your own healthy teeth !
The above prices are only a guide and assume that you are medically and dentally favourable for these procedures.
Smokers and those with existing gum diseases have much higher rates and risks of failure !

Various Tooth Implant solutions that can improve the quality of life, when non-implant treatments haven't met needs or expectations (may need bone grafts if bone levels low).
We can now offer SAME-DAY mini or root shaped Tooth IMPLANTS based solutions to replace missing teeth, stabilise loose dentures, fix fractured bridges etc.
Where previously some people were told they couldn't have implants due to not enough bone, NEWER designs now can work in less bone and help many more people!


Crowns, Veneers and Bridges Cost

There are certain types and quality of Crowns that we REFUSE to do, because they do not meet our exacting standards. They include: some NHS base metal Crowns (too allergenic),
Lower quality (eg: <1 star) technicians/materials that compromise the clinical/patient needs, such as some made in China found to contain contaminants etc.


Currently we can provide over 25 different Crown types, with many variations of these available too, depending on your needs. Differences in Quality are mainly due to Fit, Cosmetics, Strength and Expertise used.
Price guides below assume that the underlying tooth and gums are healthy and suitable. For Bridgework, occlusal re-organisation, Smile profiling etc, add on 25% per unit.
Crown prices per unit from:
Temporary Crowns, bridgework or Veneers that are designed to last Months £ 250 per unit
Standard Porcelain Veneers (3 Star Quality) £ 990.00 each
Re-inforced Procera Veneer (4 Star Quality) £ 1290.00 "
Reinforced Inceram + more natural layering Veneer (5 Star Quality) £ 1690.00 "
Porcelain fused to metal ( 1 star quality) or long term temporary crowns £ 690.00 each
" " " ( 2 Star Quality) £ 790.00 "
" " " ( 3 Star Quality) = Good mid-priced strength and nice Porcelains £ 890.00 "
" " " ( 4 star quality) £ 990.00 "
" " " ( 5 star quality) = Strong yet shows least metal, beautiful Porcelains £ 1290.00 "
All Ceramic Crowns are metal-free, there are several types available, which have differing optical, aesthetic and strength properties, in various qualities:
Techceram flame-layered ( 3 star quality) £ 1290.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1690.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2290.00 "
Procera Cad-Cam ( 3 star quality) £ 1290.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1690.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2290.00 "
Empress Type 1 ( 3 star quality) £ 1490.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1690.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 1990.00 "
Empress Type 2 ( 3 star quality) £ 1290.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1690.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2290.00 "
In-Ceram pasted ( 3 star quality) £ 1290.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1790.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2290.00 "
Other types of Crowns include: Prices for other types of Crowns, from:
Capteck 88% gold lined ( 3 star quality) £ 1490.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1890.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2290.00 "
Porcelain/Duceragold ( 3 star quality) £ 1490.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1890.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) £ 2490.00 "
Full Gold Crowns ( 3 star quality) subject to gold price on the day. £ 1490.00 each
" " ( 4 star quality) £ 1890.00 "
" " ( 5 star quality) highest gold content - can vary if gold price increases again from 2023 £ 2490.00 "

Precision Dentures Cost

Precision Dentures are made with specific attachments
and/or guide planes matched on existing teeth/Crowns.
This can both improve fit and function, whilst reducing
plate size and eliminating visible metal clasps.
Prices guides assume that adjacent teeth or Crowns are already made suitable.
This can be done prior to any Denture construction for additional fees quoted.

Prices below per Denture from:
Guide Plane only retained
Precision Denture 1-3 teeth
£ 1590.00 each
" " " 4-8 teeth £ 1990.00 each
" " " > 8 teeth £ 2590.00 each
Precision attachment retained
Precision Denture 1-3 teeth

£ 1990.00
" " " 4-8 teeth £ 2990.00
" " " > 8 teeth £ 3990.00
Equipoise style retained
Precision Denture 1-3 teeth
£ 1990.00
" " " 4-8 teeth £ 2990.00
" " " > 8 teeth £ 3990.00
Swinglock style retained
Precision Denture 1-3 teeth
£ 2490.00
" " " 4-8 teeth £ 3990.00
" " " > 8 teeth £ 4990.00
OverDenture style retained Precision Dentures using
Magnets or root studs 1-3 teeth

£ 2290.00
" " " 4-8 teeth £ 3290.00
" " " > 8 teeth £ 4290.00
Other specific or customised designs as individual conditions may indicate
Other specific designs can only be estimated for, after a personal visit

Acrylic Dentures Cost

Acrylic Dentures vary in Quality mainly in
the following aspects:

Quality of materials and processing used
(standard, high-impact resin, injection mould)

Quality of teeth (shape, colour, arrangement)

Quality of surface fit between cheeks, tongue
and gum, to improve stability and fit

Quality of dynamic occlusion (chewing)
Prices guides for Acrylic Dentures vary due to the Quality of materials and processes as well as the Clinical Skills needed to make the best of the difficulties, be they with eating, cosmetics or comfort.

Please remember that Denture Work is as much an Art as a Science.

We are Specialists in the Techniques and Art of Dentures

Prices below from:
Full or Part Acrylic Dentures 3 star £ 1490.00 a set ( £990 each)
" " " 4 star £ 2490.00 a set (£1490 each)
" " " 5 star £ 3500.00 a set ( £1900 each)
Full or Part Acrylic Dentures
(high-impact, fracture resistant)
Add £990.00 a set to above Standard Denture price
Full or Part Acrylic Dentures
(injection moulded - most accurate)
Add £ 990.00 a set to above Standard Denture price
Our Best Acrylic Dentures, using special neutral zone impressions technique, fully equilibrated to balance the bite, with high involvement from you in choosing the Cosmetic features too £ 4900.00 a set ( £3500 each)
Palate reinforce with metal (eg:Cobalt/Chrome) £ 990.00 additional fee to any of the above
Palate reinforced with gold plate £ POA
Duplicate (spare) new Dentures made at same visits as any of the above Dentures Only half price charged again when ordered before 1st set started !!!

These Acrylic Dentures vary according to materials, teeth used, advanced clinical and processing techniques used, which all affect function, fit and cosmetic outcome achieved.

Other Advanced Dental Treatments

Sealing, Bleaching, Whitening, FastBraces, Gum Treatment, Root Canal, Children, Prevention etc...


Other Dental Treatments are listed below for information, but cannot cover all the options and treatments we have available, which are constantly improving in the fast paced research that is transforming the modern choices we can provide for you !

These are just a small selection of the modern options our Specialist Practice can offer!
The prices quoted below are simply a guide, but are no substitute for a full consultation. Remember also that some treatments often involve other options too eg: Root-treated teeth often need a Crown soon after+ bleaching only lightens tooth (not the fillings or crowns).

Prices below from:
CHILDREN - Once Dentally fit, you can join our Monthly Payment Plans that cover regular future visits (up to 3 per year), sealing teeth against decay, white fillings (not metal ones!) and topical fluoride treatment too !!! Once Dentally fit and any outstanding work is completed, most children can join for about £16 per child per month for this FULLY COMPREHENSIVE PLAN that ensures your child gets MODERN PREVENTION of Dental Diseases, including future sealing of teeth too !
ADULTS - Once Dentally fit, these Monthly Payment Plans cover regular visits (up to 3 per year) with regular gum treatments (3 per year) and give discounts for other future treatments such as fillings, crowns etc, once in the plan for 6 months. FROM £26 PER MONTH each adult, and there are discounts for a Family or household paying from the same standing order, if combining adult and children payment plans together. Discounts apply as other Family members join the prevention scheme.
Sealing Teeth against decay - can seal grooves and fissures and protect teeth Sealing teeth is purely a Preventive measure, costing from £65 per tooth
Blood-Pressure Checks at each examination visit, as requested Completely Free Screening Service, to help prevent general health problems too!
Topical Fluoride Treatments for Adults and Children, can reduce decay by 50% !!! Completely Free Preventive Treatment that reduces disease AND strengthens teeth too!
Decay dissolving gel that reduces or eliminates need to drill away decay or good tooth.
This also maximises the saved amount of "good" tooth, as it only dissolves decay away!
The surface of the tooth is also ideally cleaned, ready for dentine bonding/sealing too.
£ 65 extra per tooth restored
Power-Bleaching smile teeth for same day results
Tray Bleaching of all upper natural teeth OR all lower natural teeth
Tray Bleaching upper and lower teeth at same treatment visits
Bleaching of individual teeth (external or internal)
£ 685 for all teeth that show when smile (look out for our discount special offers!)
£ 345 per separate arch
£ 595 for both arches together
£ 260 per individual tooth
Root-Canal Treatments using 3-dimensional sealing techniques for each root canal.
On average, front teeth may only have one canal, molars may have 3,4 or 5 canals!
£ 290 per individual root canal
FastBraces that can straighten Adult Front Teeth in 3-12 Months only! £ 4167 per case includes all visits AFTER the initial Cosmetic Assessment First!
Deep Gum Treatment for deeper gum diseases, including Root Planing, Gross scaling, superficial fine scaling, oral hygiene instructions including interdental pocket brushes etc. £750 for the whole mouth, full mouth disinfection above and below gums
( may take several visits, but one fixed fee! )
Bad-Breath Treatment that includes extensive initial gum-treatment, Oral Hygiene Treatment and use of electronic haliometer (bad-breath monitor) to measure improvement made.
£390 per visit, including intense Oral hygiene instructions.

Other Advanced Treatment options such as gels that remove decay without drilling, "Instant" Whitening and Bleaching of teeth, Bad-breath treatments etc.are also available - after a detailed examination we will give you ALL the options, costs, timescales etc. in a No-Obligation Estimate that you can review and decide if you wish to Access our Specialist Expertise and personal Care too.

Remember that the Price is only one consideration for your Dental Care and needs - 

Please also consider our Expertise, Reputation, Gentleness, Quality of Service and total Value and trust overall !


Click Here if you are Worried about the Possible Dental Dangers Abroad, to find out more.... Worried about the risks of Dentistry Abroad from Poorer Countries


As always, Prevention is cheaper and better than Cure - that includes Preventing making bad choices based on costs alone !!

 You can use the above website menu or just click-a-link here for Specialist or Advanced aspects of Tooth VeneersTooth WhiteningDental Tooth Implants and smaller Mini-ImplantsDental Ceramic CrownsGum Diseases and Bad Breath or Root Canal treatments are just some of the subjects you can learn more about here on our award winning dental website www.smilespecialist.co.uk.

Wishing you good Dental Health AND a Smile to be proud of, from all at the SmileSpecialist® Centre.


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*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. Please go to our MAKE an APPOINTMENT page if you'd like to access his Expertise.