Recurring Gum Disease & Dental Gum problems & solutions in 2024

Would you like more detailed information on advanced gum treatments to help reduce recurring gum diseases and gum problems, Bleeding Gums, periodontal abscess, gum pockets, plaque, bad breath, halitosis or repeat gum infection treatment options, before it's too late and you have to lose some, most or maybe ALL of your teeth?

About 30% of the population are genetically probe to gum diseases, so please don't leave this aspect to chance.
Gum diseases and bad breath causes can now be treated, retreated AND kept away, or at least dramatically slowed down, but very often this requires additional earlier help and more regular deep gum cleaning treatments too! 
Leaving Gum disease until it damages your gums or even starts affecting your general medical health, is unwise but sadly getting more uncommon.......

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Please read below for more details and see some example pictures below when gum diseases are allowed to just get worse:

Gums problems, recession, lose teeth glued together and drifting teeth

All the patients above were treated successfully at our Specialist Practice - using advanced gum treatment techniques and then Specialist treatment planned options, they all avoided Complete Dentures and could smile with confidence once more, without the bad breath of recurring, continual gum disease, as well as eating apples successfully again!

Gum treatments can stabilise Gum Disease, with specific gum treatments for shrinking gums, bleeding gums, bad breath ( halitosis), gum recession and shrinkage tooth loss consequences of gum disease, can all be avoided or minimised with the latest gum treatments and full mouth disinfection techniques. Once gum disease and periodontal health are stable, this greatly helps normal Dental Treatments or Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry. This could include simple periodontal splinting, bridges or even Tooth Implants, smaller mini Implants, immediate Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges, Cosmetic Veneers, Precision Dentures, Tooth Bleaching, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Bonding, Latest Ceramic Restorations, Second Opinions, Smile Profiling, Gum Diseases, Tooth wear and worn, uneven teeth treatments, Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Further gum treatments, gum recontouring and reshaping too.

Once you have had gum disease destruction in your mouth, you are more prone to get gum disease problems again. You, therefore, will need to put in more effort to reduce this gum diseases vulnerability. This will require additional Mouth Hygiene techniques for damaged gums even though you have had specific gum treatments, root planing or even some gum surgery.

There are two main reasons why it takes new tools and techniques to clean the plaque off of your teeth when you've lost bone due to periodontal diseases:

1. In a healthy mouth, the space between the tooth and gums (called the pocket) is normally two to three millimetres deep. That's how far below the gum you can effectively clean with a toothbrush and floss. But with periodontal diseases, the pocket deepens; it's now greater than three millimetres and beyond normal cleaning reach. Pockets are notorious hiding places for plaque and bacteria to flourish. Their 24 hr. party of destruction continues and like wild teenagers, they enjoy wrecking and damaging things around them when they are out of control !!!
They need evicting, the place cleaned thoroughly and then re-organised to provide constant cleaning/supervision to avoid a repeat performance!

See the pictures below that reveal tooth coloured plaque can be missed even from childhood times, allowing gum disease damage and recurring gum disease damage and problems later in life too - check you with Disclosing tablets from your Chemist!

Disclosing Tablets can reveal you are leaving behind bacterial plaque after cleaning

2. Another problem with periodontal diseases has to do with the shape of the roots. When there are no periodontal diseases, the bone level is high and the gums attach firmly at the necks of the teeth. You can wrap the floss around this surface and do a thorough job of keeping plaque off of your teeth. In periodontal diseases, the attachment shifts and you lose bone. Now you have root surfaces to contend with, and they have intentions. Floss stretches across these intentions and can't remove the plaque hiding inside these recesses and concavities.

Even when you have undergone special deep root cleaning on top of normal scaling for Gum Diseases, you MUST still keep up with regular Dentist or Hygienist visits to help maintain your gum health, which can rapidly deteriorate again if you do not do the additional cleaning methods and stay regularly monitored, as advised by your Dental Professionals! Gum diseases can present as just swollen or bleeding gums initially, but not pain, so it easily gets overlooked or dismissed. Indeed, gum disease is STILL the main cause of tooth loss in the UK, even more than tooth decay - it is still a serious, national problem!

Gum Disease consequences are "very" destruction of your supporting bone around the teeth, ultimately leading to tooth loss if not stopped.

Special gum treatments and cleaning tools are necessary to reach down beyond the normal three millimetres to thoroughly clean the indentions in the sides of the roots. Each tool is useful in different areas of your mouth. For example, interdental brushes can clean vertically up and down into pockets, Floss can clean horizontally between tight contacts, Super-floss can clean under Bridged teeth etc.
Your Dentist will be happy to work with you to customise a plaque-removal program using these (or other) special tools and techniques for your specific problems.

Only your Dentist or Specialist can give you individual advice after examining you.

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